The Top 8 Bird Toys for Your Feathered Friends

If you think that owning a bird only means you must provide it with food and water, then this article is going to blow your mind. As the title mentions, here are only the top eight bird toys that you should provide for your pet. Each one is designed for a different purpose, and you should supply at least half of them to your bird pets.

1.    Puzzle Bird Toys for Your Pet’s Mental Stimulation

Bird toys provide mental stimulation to your bird and keep them engaged. Considering the fact that your pet lives in a cage, it won’t have many opportunities to use its body and maintain its health. So, you must utilise tools such as these toys to avoid problems that would develop because of sedentarism.

You can fill them with treats, and your bird has to solve the puzzle to get to the reward. So, it must work for the reward and move its body until it manages to unravel the puzzle. But you must remember that not all birds will be capable of deciphering complex puzzles. For this reason, you must find one that fits your pet’s capability.

2.    Foraging Bird Toys to Keep Your Pet Active While It Searches for Food

Many types of birds need to constantly search for food in the wild. So, if you simply feed them, it is possible to harm them unintentionally. It’s best to use foraging bird toys that will force your pet to search for its food. This will not only partially recreate the natural feeding process, but it will also help your main move around and avoid sedentarism.

The quality of the toys is critical, so you will need to look for a reliable bird shop that provides you with all the supplies your pet needs to have a healthy lifestyle. This is especially important for this type of toy that will be used for feeding purposes.

3.    Ladders Are Great Toys for Some Birds That Like to Climb

These toys come in different sizes and materials, and they can be hung from the top of the cage or attached to the side. So, you can customise your pet’s house to ensure it has everything it needs to enjoy itself and don’t get bored.

Some pets, such as parrots, can even start harming themselves because of the boredom caused by captivity. For this reason, finding suitable toys for them to spend their time is vital. And providing a wide variety of toys will be even more helpful in such cases.

4.    Swings Are the Standard Toys for Every Bird Pet

Swings are a fun addition to any birdcage. Most of the time, you won’t even find a cage for sale that doesn’t include one of these. But it’s good to know that they come in different shapes and sizes, and they can be made of wood, rope, or other materials.

You must check if the one in your pet’s cage fits its size and preferences. If it doesn’t, you should look for a better alternative. You should also remember that these toys provide the essential exercise and entertainment that your bird needs.

5.    Wooden Chewing Toys for Pets That Need to or Like to Chew a Lot

Wooden toys are perfect for birds that love to or must chew a lot. So, not all the bird pets need to use this type of toy. But considering how important they are for the ones that require them, they are an essential part of this list.

You can find these types of toys in different shapes and sizes, and they can be made of various kinds of wood, such as pine or apple wood. If your bird needs or loves them, you should look for the ones that fit its needs the most.

6.    Shreddable Toys to Provide Some Stress Relief for Your Pet

Do you have an angry bird at home? Then these types of toys are the ideal ones your pet needs. Shreddable toys are great for birds that either like to tear things apart or are generally angry and need to release their accumulated energy. You can find such toys made of paper, cardboard, or other materials that your bird can shred.

Jokes aside, not all bird pets are peaceful and naïve. There are also types that have violence in their blood. For this kind of bird, you will need to look for toys that can help it simulate the wild lifestyle to avoid losing its will to live.

7.    Mini Balls to Make Your Bird Run and Fly Around All Day Long

If your bird doesn’t really like to fly around a lot, then you have alternative toys to help it move around and avoid sedentarism. Mini balls are perfect for birds that hate to fly but love to play with small toys. They come in different colours and materials and can be filled with treats or pellets.

They are similar to the puzzle ones but have some specific differences as well. You can also use these toys if you don’t want your pet to only fly around. Moving its legs from time to time would be a complementary method that can help maintain its health.

8.    Avoid Bell Toys If You Can’t Stand the Constant Noise That You’ll Bird Will Make You Hear

Many birds like this type of interactive toy that reacts to their actions. Bell toys are the favourite of a broad category of bird pets, but they’re also hell for many owners. Not everyone can take the constant noise produced by these toys, so use them only if you are not bothered by the sound.

These are the top eight toys that bird owners should consider buying for their bird pets. As you can see, not all of them are mandatory, but they are still a great help in helping your pet maintain its health and have a lot of fun at the same time.

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