The Importance of Digital Integration at Trade Show Displays


Over 80% of the businesses in the USA are already using digital marketing strategies to boost their business growth. Digital integration has become an inevitable part of brand promotions to drive more traffic and engagement. If you’re exhibiting your business at events, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of using digital trade show displays , like digital signs, touch screens, and photo booths.

If you haven’t adopted a digital approach when promoting your business, here is why you must consider digital integration at trade shows and other business exhibitions.

Digital Displays Engage Visitors

Regular banner stands such as retractable banners, fabric banners , and tabletop banners help display your brand message to your audience. But digital trade show displays are interactive and can captivate the audience’s attention with engaging features. You can have fun, interactive graphics to present your products and services. They can also help your customers make informed decisions.

Encourages Impulse Purchases

When you visit a local store to shop, you may purchase products you didn’t consider before. Impulsive purchases are possible only if you are attracted by something. Digital signage can be immersive and turn your visitors into customers. You can try short videos, like reels and shorts, to increase your brand exposure.

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Cost-Effective and Easily Manageable

Traditional displays can cost you time and effort, from designing and printing to transporting and installing them. But digital trade show displays do not require all those hassles. You can easily manage all of your displays remotely on a computer. Also, digital displays can broadcast several messages quickly, providing an opportunity to show off your products and services to your customers.

Demonstrate Your Products and Services

At every trade show, visitors are curious to check what each exhibit displays. Digital displays like LCD flat panel televisions and iPads help demonstrate your products and services to your visitors. It’s an excellent opportunity to educate and convince them to purchase products or access your services.


Although some traditional displays are reusable, they won’t last long. But digital displays are a one-time purchase that can be effectively used multiple times in different trade shows, events, seminars, and expos. You can also change the messages and graphics according to the events and location.

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