The Corporate Importance of Investing in English Translation Services

Nowadays, our professional success comes down to how we present our products or services to new markets and audiences. Do you want your business to move to a new stage and attract a demographic outside of your immediate geographical scope? Do you want your products to become internationally known? Then it’s an excellent idea to call on the English translation services of a specialized company. High-quality translation services are a must when you want to enter a new market and create multilingual content that respects the cultural norms of your target demographics.

Are you, for example, a company operating in the food industry? Then, the documentation that accompanies the products or services you market must be accurate and transparent in order to avoid issues that could significantly affect the reputation of your business. The same is true if you operate in other industries where legal and cultural differences between countries may be significant. By utilizing qualitative English translation services, you can ensure that the legal documents required for your business in foreign markets comply with local law. Moreover, the accuracy of your contracts and agreements will be essential to avoid future legal problems that would require reliance on local legal systems.

Translation services are crucial if you want to communicate effectively with international clients or cross-national vendors, expand the reach of your developed software, applications, or websites, or make your marketing approaches more effective. Although the world today is more connected than ever, the linguistic differences between countries, regions, or even cities can, in many cases, be significant and require excellent knowledge to navigate without controversy.  So, professional translation services have become mandatory for corporate success and are a staple of well-run businesses.

Why Use a Professional Firm?

Globally, the language differences between people are sometimes impressive. No one can say exactly how many languages are spoken on our planet. However, even the most conservative estimates say that worldwide, there are at least 6900 distinct languages, 389 of which are spoken by more than one million people. These are billions of potential customers who are locked out of your services if you don’t call on quality English translation services. Why should you utilize the services of a professional firm? It’s all about the accuracy.

Reputable professional translation firms guarantee the accuracy of their services, respect the ISO 17100:2015 standard, and can successfully interpret the cultural or legal nuances of the presented texts. This is important for two reasons. First, cultural customs differ significantly in some countries, and it is relatively easy to make a blunder that affects your company’s long-term reputation. Second, legal systems can vary from nation to nation, and your legal documentation must be translated by professionals who understand these differences.

Quality Above All Else

Professional translators are proficient in both English and the targeted languages and can provide accurate translations, free of grammatical errors, that follow a natural flow. They can also use local jargon that is often inaccessible to software applications. Moreover, translators can work with you, adapt their work to the preferences of your firm’s management, and make complete revisions if your preferences change. Plus, the expert you call will be aware of the subtle cultural differences between regions, will adapt the tone of the texts according to the audiences targeted, and will avoid the issues that can arise when texts are translated literally.

In some languages, such as European ones, translations are somewhat straightforward because most of the words or phrases used have an equivalent in the translated language. However, let’s suppose you want to translate a document from English to a language like Mandarin or Arabic. In that case, you might encounter difficulties because there is a chance that specific phrases, words, or even sounds may not have an exact equivalent in the targeted language. The services of human translators are therefore crucial, as they will interpret the general meaning of the text, perform accurate translations that are not 100% literal, and identify subtle nuances that are inaccessible to translation applications.

A Necessary Help If You Are Active in Specific Fields

Are you active in a highly regulated domain such as healthcare, law, or finance? Then, from a legal point of view, your documents will need to be translated by professionals with specialized knowledge who use the ISO 17100:2015 standard and who guarantee the accuracy of the provided translations. Professional human translators often specialize in a particular field and have the necessary expertise to be up to date with the jargon used in those sectors.

For example, do you need a translation of a contract signed by a notary? Then, the human translators you call upon will, in most cases, need to have professional experience in the legal system to handle your case. The same applies to financial or medical fields. The qualitative English translation services offered by the company you call will be confidential and more consistent than those provided by automated software. Plus, they can be revised according to your feedback.

Why is English translation so important? It’s about accessibility. Globally, English is spoken by about 1.5 billion people or about 18% of the world’s population. However, this means that over 82% of all demographics are locked out of your offers. High-quality translation services can be a way to bridge the cultural and linguistic gap between your business and the expectations of your target audiences. Therefore, translation services are, in almost all cases, a fantastic deal that can contribute decisively to the profitability gains of your organization.

One of Your Better Ideas

The use of a professional company that provides qualitative English translation services can be one of the best decisions you can make for the long-term development of your organization. Want to expand your services to a new market? Do you want to create multilingual website content that will increase the SERP visibility of your domain and broaden your reach to new audiences? Do you need a cost-effective way to translate your legal documents and communicate with clients and collaborators in foreign markets? In that case, the use of human translation services will be an excellent idea.

Qualitative translation services allow you to translate legal or confidential documents that need to be guaranteed for accuracy. Moreover, depending on the nature of the document or your field of activity, your documentation could sometimes only be handled by certified translators who follow international standards. Would it be easier to use automated translation applications? Perhaps. However, their accuracy can’t be guaranteed, and that could lead to legal problems that will take a fortune to solve.

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