The Best Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summers in Florida can get quite hot. And your dog is wearing a permanent coat of fur that he can’t take off. That’s why it’s your responsibility to make sure your pet stays cool when the weather heats up. Here, your veterinarian San Jose Jacksonville, FL provides a few easy ways to make sure your pup stays comfortable this season.

Keep Fido indoors.

The easiest way to make sure your dog doesn’t overheat is to keep them indoors for most of the day. It’s as simple as that! Your pet will be most comfortable inside in the air conditioning. If you do let your dog out to use the bathroom or lounge on the deck, keep a close eye on them. You’ll want to allow them back indoors frequently so they can cool off. Ask your vets San Jose Jacksonville, FL for more advice on Fido’s outdoor schedule.

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Provide plenty of cool water.

Nothing combats dehydration like cool, fresh water. Make sure your dog’s dish is filled at all times so he can drink water as he pleases. Not only does it keep your dog hydrated, water is essential for almost every bodily function. (Your vet clinic San Jose Jacksonville, FL can elaborate!) On extremely hot days, you might try adding a few ice cubes for an extra burst of cold.

Shorten your walks.

You don’t want to wear out your dog with an extremely long walk on a hot day. This is especially important if you own a brachycephalic breed—short, squashed-nosed dogs like Pugs, Boston terriers, French Bulldogs, and the Pekingese. Because of their unique facial structure, breathing is more difficult, and it only gets harder during hot weather. Ask your pet clinic San Jose Jacksonville, FL if your dog is particularly prone to exhaustion in hot weather, and be sure to keep walks short.

On your walks, try to avoid hot asphalt surfaces like driveways and parking lots. Asphalt heats up dramatically when the sun beats down on it all day. If it’s too hot for your bare foot, it’s far too hot for your dog’s paw pads! Talk to your pet clinic San Jose Jacksonville, FL to learn more.

Go swimming—safely.

Does your dog like to swim? If you have access to a pool or a beach that allows pets, consider taking your dog for a dip. Always go into the water with Fido to provide support, and never let him swim far out into the ocean. And be sure to rinse out your dog’s coat with fresh water after swimming time is over. Call your veterinary clinic San Jose Jacksonville, FL for more tips on swimming safety.

Consider a trim.

Some dogs benefit greatly from a hair trim when the weather gets hot. Ask your animal hospital San Jose Jacksonville, FL or a local groomer if your dog would feel better with a fur trim. It’s not right for every dog, but it can help your pooch feel much more comfortable in many cases.

Want more tips on keeping your dog happy and comfortable this summer? Does your canine companion need a veterinary checkup? We can help. Set up your pet’s next office visit with your vets San Jose Jacksonville, FL.

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