TEFL Jobs In China- The Ultimate Guide For Teaching In China

China is the number one destination to English abroad, with various job offers to suit everyone. But just what are the requirements, how can you find a job and what will your daily life be like? We have decided to put together the ultimate guide to teaching English in China to help you navigate the opportunities for TEFL jobs in china so you can relocate to your new country successfully.

Here are some pieces of information about teaching jobs in china in brief.

  • Teaching English in china

If you have a degree and a passport from an English-speaking country, you’ll be able to find a teaching job in China. But there are a few tips you need to consider before you pack your bags.

  • Where in china want to teach English?

China is the biggest country in the world. It’s hard to grasp how large this country truly is, even when you live there.

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with China and the locations of some of the main cities, so you know where you are looking for a job.

Types of teaching positions

  • Private language center’s


There are a lot of positions available in private language centers, sometimes known as English training schools. These are often part of a chain or are family-owned.

You will teach a variety of ages and abilities from adults and high schools to preschool, but most of your students will be children. Your schedule will consist of one-on-one and group classes.

  • Public schools in china

Teaching in a public school in China is often highly sought after as these positions offer more security, paid vacations, and overall better pay and benefits.

However, with this comes responsibility; you will be expected to create your curriculum and have a real passion for teaching.

Three categories of teaching in public school

  • Primary Schools

If you love children, then it is the perfect place for you. Vary your lessons with songs, games, and English-speaking cartoons to keep the kids entertained. It’ll not take long for them to warm to you.

  • Middle & High School

Often you will be the only foreign teacher in the school if the school is large there maybe two or three.

  • Colleges & Universities

These jobs are often seen as the best type of public teaching jobs. They don’t require as many teaching hours and offer great holidays, allowing you to travel and explore all while getting a good

What are the expectations of teachers?

What is expected of you all depends on the type of school you are teaching in. Most schools want a native speaker who can help students speak English and give them a chance to hear a natural English speaker.

  • It is usual for another Chinese English teacher to teach them grammar, reading, etc.; your job is to give them the confidence to get them talking.
  • Most classrooms will come with computers and overhead projects but do remember that the government regulates the internet in China. You’ll not be able to get access to Google, Facebook, YouTube, or Slide share.

Some private language schools will provide you with their own teaching materials and train you to teach according to their curriculum. Chain schools such as Aston, Shane, and English First won’t expect you to have teaching experience and offer on-job training. This is a good decision if you are looking for TEFL jobs in china.


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