Tantra Workshops in Rishikesh : What To Expect in 2021

If you’ve arrived here, chances are you’ve been reading or perhaps hearing about the philosophy and spiritual practice of Tantra. Putting the theory aside for now, you’d like to dive into a real Tantra workshop in Rishikesh and you are wondering what to expect from it in 2021.

First things first, it’s definitely worth making a distinction in terms. You might have heard talking of Tantra classes, Tantra sessions, Tantra Teacher Trainings and Tantra workshops in Rishikesh.

Let’s run through these definitions, to clear up any possible misunderstandings.

Tantra Classes in Rishikesh

Tantra classes are perfect if you’ve already got some theoretical background or you’re simply interested in getting the real feeling of Tantra without much talking. You’re open to new things and comfortable to jump into a group environment and begin practicing.

Tantra classes in Rishikesh are generally group environments run by a facilitator. There will be a small amount of theory and a series of exercises, meditations and techniques you can practice solo or in a group.

There will be more specific details on what such practices involve in this article, keep on reading to know what to expect.

Tantra Workshops in Rishikesh

A Tantra Workshop in Rishikesh is a more committed step. Generally it will take place over multiple days and include a more structured learning process. This will certainly involve some theory on top of the practical exercises and special meditations.

Tantra workshops in Rishikesh can also be referred to as Tantra intensives; they provide a much deeper insight into the Tantric philosophy and teachings. They are structured around group learning and will offer you a range of theories and techniques to develop your understanding. A real Tantra workshop will give you a strong impulse onto this fascinating spiritual path. Both couples and singles alike are usually welcome in Tantra workshops in Rishikesh, unless specifically indicated.

Tantra Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh

If you’re already familiar with various aspects of the Tantric path, you might want to take the leap and commit to a Tantra Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh.

Such a course will teach you everything you need to know about Tantra, including the philosophy, key techniques, and meditation practices etc. It will also start to give you the strong foundations in practice which are necessary to guide and hold space for other students.

A legitimate Tantra Teacher Training course in Rishikesh will often extend for around a month or more. Keep in mind that this is often just the first steps of becoming a real teacher. The Tantric teachings are both rich and complex and it can take many years of dedication to acquire the necessary wisdom to offer it to others. Some Tantra Schools in Rishikesh will often withhold teacher training courses until you have completed various introductory levels to ensure you are prepared for the intense process of becoming a Tantra Teacher in Rishikesh

Tantra Sessions In Rishikesh

When the word refers to group sessions, its meaning substantially overlaps with Tantra classes or workshops, which can create a bit of confusion. So always seek to clarify with the staff of a school before you commit.

However, the most popular use of the word session generally refers to a one-on-one consultation with a Tantra teacher.

At times, these private sessions might be addressed to couples as a therapeutic approach to relationship or intimacy issues. An experienced practitioner will have a wealth of wisdom to offer to the respective couple or individual which can lead to accelerated understandings and transformation.

What to expect from a Tantra workshop in Rishikesh

So, what does a Tantra workshop in Rishikesh actually look like? Though some schools choose to focus on some specific aspects of Tantra, there are some fundamental key points which are common. We will present here a typical Tantra class.

The Tantra Teacher welcomes the group and gives a brief introduction of Tantra as a spiritual practice and the activities that will happen during the class.

After that, the teacher can often start with a socialising exercise to break the ice in the group and raise the energy. This may include some motor activity such as dancing, moving, and interacting.

Special Music is often chosen as part of the class and it adapts to the mood and the intensity of the exercises. The facilitator will then move onto developing the theme of the class he or she has prepared. Often breaks will be included as the days consist of multiple teachings, exercises and practices.

The focus within a workshop changes during each session and it may include sensuality, emotions, connection, moving the erotic energy and so on.

The exercises will unfold towards a crescendo of intensity and when the key activity is reached the participants can often experience peak states of awareness, understanding and feeling. People are encouraged to share their experiences to deepen the connection within the group and allowing everyone to learn from everyone else.

There are a variety of exercises that you can expect to find in a Tantra workshop in Rishikesh. Some key examples are meditation in pairs, eye gazing, understanding, soft caressing of the hands or fingers, connecting to the “heart” of others, conscious embracing, stimulating the five senses, breathing techniques, expressing emotions or whispering words of affirmation, etc.

It’s difficult to make a full list but at least you now have an idea of what to expect from a group Tantra workshop.


We have explained the differences between the various definitions and type of tantric offerings to be found in Rishikesh. We’ve focused our attention on Tantra workshops which is often the most accessible type of learning environment for beginners.

Every class is different and is an opportunity to explore a different area of Tantra and relationships.

If you’re searching for an authentic Tantra workshop in Rishikesh, Mahasiddha Yoga is renowned for its profound and systematic approach to the Tantric teachings. Be sure to attend their frequent free introduction evenings to get your first taste of a tantra class in Rishikesh.

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