Smart Ways To Manage Your Store’s Floor Space

While setting up your business numerous things come to mind regarding the management and organization of your retail store. One of the things that can really trouble you is the floor space of your store. Customer navigation, product positioning, and overall aesthetics are some of the related elements. As a store owner, you must create a space that is encouraging for the shoppers to come in and purchase your products.

You can install shop systems or shop fitting equipment that will be very efficient. By employing perfect shopfitting equipment you can organize your merchandise in a better manner leaving room for other things. In case you are a newbie and do not have much knowledge in the field then you can do some thorough research and hire a shopfitting professional or company. A professional shopfitting expert would have sufficient experience to shape your store in the best possible way. He/she would employ the ideal shopfitting equipment that complements your store.


Here are some smart ways of managing your store’s floor space, freeing more space for displaying your merchandise, and for the smooth navigation of your customers:

1. Draw An Ideal Store Layout

While you plan an ideal store layout, make sure you establish a layout that is easily navigable by the customers. Your plan must not give your customers a difficult time finding an item. For instance, if the shoppers have to go through various aisles and piles of merchandise then it would seem like you are wasting their time. So, instead of doing this, you can employ an ideal store layout that can be convenient for you as well as your customers. Suitable shop systems can also save you so much space. Consider the various layouts mentioned below while designing your store:

  • Straight floor plan: This kind of layout works perfectly in retail stores. It makes the store look neat & organized. Moreover, you can utilize the walls and fixtures of your store more efficiently with this layout.
  • Diagonal floor plan: As the name implies, the shelves placed on this layout are positioned diagonally. Apart from this, the store staff can monitor the shoppers conveniently with this plan.
  • Angular floor plan: This layout is an innovative design that will provide your store with an elegant and luxurious look. By adding a few curves and angles you can display your merchandise exquisitely.
  • Geometric floor plan: In case you own a clothing store or an accessories store this layout can complement your store perfectly. In addition to that, this plan is a nice way to add some character and personality to your design.
  • Mixed floor plan: It is very popular among store owners to incorporate various shapes, angles, curves, and designs. In case you want to try something new and different with more variety and options, then you should go for a mixed floor plan.

2. Categorize Your Merchandise

Organizing and categorizing your merchandise must go hand-in-hand. Prior to entering a store, shoppers already have an idea of what they will find here. So you have to ensure that your customers are able to assess the merchandise quickly and easily. Ensuring this what you also have to do is group complementary merchandise together. This will also provide you an opportunity to advertise your other merchandise that the shoppers would prefer to purchase.

3. Perfect Lighting Is The Key

As a smart store owner, you can install unique and ideal lighting to make your store look bigger. This strategy will not only help with the space or look of your store area but also spotlight the true hues of your merchandise and make them appear more alluring.

Following are various ways in which you can utilize lighting in your store:

  • Task lighting: These lights work best for stores with limited space. You can show your creativity with these lights as they are versatile and are available in various colors, designs, and styles.
  • Decorative lighting: Incorporating decorative lighting in your store layout will provide a personal touch to your retail store. Moreover, this lighting can provide your store with a modern and unique look.
  • Accent lighting: This kind of lighting will highlight your products and save a lot of space on the store’s ceiling.

Ambient lighting: This kind of lighting is chiefly known as the principal source of lighting inside your retail store. They are generally employed for guiding the shoppers through your store to see your products.

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