Should You Use Amazon Review Groups on Facebook?

However genuine as we may be tied in with getting Amazon reviews, it’s tied in with going about them in a way that lines up with Amazon’s Terms of Service (ToS). 

You may have caught wind of Amazon audit gatherings, so we should investigate what they are and in the event that they’re a viable option for sellers.

What an Amazon Review Group Consists Of

An Amazon review bunch unites sellers needing product reviews and buyers who need free or intensely limited products. The training ordinarily happens on Facebook Groups. 

On the off chance that it’s anything but somewhat like incentivized reviews — a training Amazon banned in 2016, you wouldn’t not be right. 

A few sellers in these Facebook Groups offer a fee or free product to the buyer in return for a positive 5-star review, which most unquestionably conflicts with Amazon’s ToS. 

In a matter of seconds, in the wake of restricting incentivized reviews, Amazon presented it’s “Confirmed Purchase” tag. 

Amazon will put a Verified Review tag (displayed underneath) in the event that they can confirm that the buy was made on Amazon by the individual leaving the review.

Current Status of Amazon Review Groups

Things change on Amazon rapidly, and you’d be pardoned for expecting that review groups would have been gotten rid of in the 2+ years since Amazon started cracking down on incentivized reviews. 

Yet, they actually proliferate, ordinarily as Facebook groups (in spite of the fact that you can most likely discover locales that offer these ‘administrations’, on the off chance that you burrow adequately hard). 

The Facebook groups are private and require buyers and sellers to join and be approved to see the contents, giving them a mask of protection. 

Beyond a shadow of a doubt however, it’s no guarantee Amazon will not discover individuals in there. Furthermore, in case you’re found to be partaking, you might have your record suspended/banned.

Honest Alternatives to Getting Reviews

It’s straightforwardly against Amazon’s ToS, doesn’t assemble a solid foundation as long as possible, and generally prompts getting banned rather than more sales from having more reviews. 

You’re greatly improved by one of these methods to expand the measure of feedback you get.

1. Using a Feedback Service

Going with an Amazon compliant software solution makes it very simple to take your psyche off crafted by obtaining reviews. Buyers will get ideal, professional emails requesting that they leave an audit, all so you don’t need to. Additionally, you’ll get notified on the off chance that somebody leaves negative feedback, giving you a lot of time to respond to it rapidly and efficiently.

2. Amazon Early Reviewer Program

On the off chance that one of your products has less than five reviews, you can enroll in the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. You pay $60 to partake, and Amazon will coordinate you with a random buyer who’ll audit your product (the buyer gets an Amazon gift voucher). You’re permitted to have up to 5 products be reviewed. 

While this may seem like incentivized reviewing, it’s anything but, and the key contrast is neither you nor Amazon has authority over the temperature of the survey; it very well may be positive or negative. The solitary specification is that the survey should be straightforward. 

This can be a superb strategy for new buyers hoping to construct leverage or for buyers to increase visibility for new products.

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