Selling a House During a Divorce in Platte County, MO: What Should You Know?

Getting through a divorce is tiring. But selling your home during a divorce can cause even more stress. You may think, “I need to sell my house fast in Platte County, MO,” before the divorce gets finalized. It can be very challenging to proceed with a clear mind. This article will cover what you must know to sell your Platte County home in the middle of a divorce.

You should be aware of the legality of property division. The Missouri court follows a rule called the source of funds. It will investigate who paid for the house, how they paid for it, and whether to consider it as marital property or separate. If you decide selling the house is the best option, here are the possible solutions to sell your home fast in Platte County, MO.

1. List Your House

You can sell your home with the help of real estate agents. This traditional method will give you a better price for your house, but it can be a hassle. But listing a home has two disadvantages: time and fees. It usually takes a few weeks to months to get an offer, and it takes even longer before you can close the deal. You are also required to pay the agent fee and a few closing costs, which are usually taken out of your profit from the sale.

2. Buy It Out

You can settle for a buy-out if your partner wants to keep the house. This option is perfect for those with kids who go to a nearby school or if the house sale is not favorable. The only drawback is that it is not always feasible for one person to pay. It’s important to consider your income, the house’s value, and how much each of you contributed to the payments.

3. Cash Home Buyers

If you can’t afford to buy your house and need money faster, the most advantageous way is to approach a cash home buyer in Platte County, MO. Local buyers will be interested in buying your home, and some can offer added benefits.

4. Co-Ownership

If you and your spouse are still amicable towards each other, co-owning your house is also an option. You two would need to write a co-ownership plan that defines things such as how you would split the mortgage and who would pay for the repairs. You may also decide who will divide the proceeds of the sale if the home gets sold in the future.

The best method is going to depend on your situation and needs. Whatever you choose, it should be profitable. If you are emotionally attached to your marital home and financially fit, either buy out or co-own it with your spouse. But if you’re going through a difficult time financially, consider selling it.

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