Rust-free with VCI

What is VCI?

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) aids in reducing the rate of corrosion brought on by moisture, humidity, and temperature variations. They are powerful chemical substances that provide a barrier to metal surfaces. They make sure the package gets to the customers in excellent shape. The equipment or inventory cost increases due to rust or corrosion damage to the transported goods. Additionally, it could cause manufacturing to be delayed and downtime.

Within each container or enclosure where it is used, VCI technology works to create a protected environment. An invisible protection barrier is created when metal surfaces in an enclosed space are exposed to VCIs contained in liquids, powders, or packaging materials. VCI shield does not change the characteristics of the metal. Instead, it prevents corrosive substances like moisture, oxygen, and other corrosive elements from attacking the metal surface and causing it to rust. The metal parts, machinery, or products are immediately usable after removal from the VCI packaging or enclosed space; no cleaning or degreasing is necessary. The VCIs float away.

Let’s look at some of the various types of VCI available:

VCI Liquid:

VCI Liquids are corrosion inhibitors that provide safe and reliable defense against rust and corrosion for metals, metal components, and goods. They are available in liquid form as coatings or oils to stop exposed and unpainted metals and metal components from rusting. These VCIs offer protection throughout every stage of the product’s life, including manufacturing, storage, transportation, delivery, and preservation.

Anti-rust or Nox-rust liquids are fogged over the metal or applied to difficult-to-reach regions by spraying or fogging. With the help of volatile corrosion inhibitors, VCI Liquid guards against rust, moisture, and corrosion to metal and metal parts. Compared to other harsher chemical compounds, they are recyclable, non-toxic, and water-based and have minimal environmental influence.

VCI Emitter:

VCI Emitters (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) are made to prevent corrosion inside electrical circuits, electronic devices, and enclosures. They are lightweight, compact, and quick to install. They are self-adhesive gadgets that release gaseous volatile chemical inhibitors, which coat metal surfaces with an imperceptible layer of protection. The corrosion emitters keep the enclosed electrical or electronic components, non-ventilated voids, toolboxes, and cabinetry dry and free from corrosion.

VCI Emitters offer multi-metal protection for a variety of applications. They are items that protect electronics against the impacts of moisture, humidity, and corrosion damage, and they are also quite affordable. Compact, slender, and robust disks known as VCI Emitters enable accessibility even in confined and small locations. VCI Emitters can be secured to metal surfaces, walls, and cabinets thanks to the self-adhesive tape on the rear of the device.

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