Reasons to Use Nets Flashpay and Ezlink Cards in Singapore

Ezlink card and Nets Flashpay are used in Singapore by residents and tourists. Both cards are a great way to enjoy cash free transportation, because they can be topped with cash, and when you want to pay for public transportation there is no need to find change, you simply use the card. Other merchants accept them as well, which is even more convenient, because they provide flexibility. To view transaction history, download and install the applications, and you can always check your balance as well. And the best part yet, both cards can be customized, which is always great to hear, considering not many credit card companies offer this opportunity.

Why Use Nets Flashpay

Nets Flashpay is a value card that has multiple purposes. People can pay public transportation fares, do their shopping at retail stores, pay for car parking, ERP, MRT, and LRT. Topping the card is very easy and you can do it through the application, which gives you the best control over spending. If you want automatic top-up, this feature is also available, and highly recommended if you know the amount you need regularly. The card is safe to use and secured, especially if you use their feature.

More and more people prefer to pay with their credit cards, and not rely on cash. They like the idea of having the freedom of paying for everything contactless, instead of having to go to the ATM to withdraw money. It is even better when you can get the  Nets Flashpay  easily and top it up whenever you want. People don’t always have cash on them, and often they have to skip public transportation or make calculations to see whether the money they have is enough. It is stressful and when you come to think about it, not worth it.

What Nets Flashpay Provides

The card is multi-purpose and contactless, and can be used for a variety of payments, such as paying meals at food courts, for public buses, road tolls, LRT, and MRT. People who travel to the city prefer to get it as soon as they arrive, so that they don’t need to worry about exchange rates and finding ATMs. Public transportation is highly developed and it makes sense to rely on it and pay on the go. With the card you have much flexibility and you can get around very easily.

How about keeping the Nets Flashpay as a keepsake or if you moved to Singapore and started a business, why not customize the card, and invest in marketing efforts? Did you know you can personalize the card? When you purchase it, this option is not available, because you need to settle with the design, but you can find specialized companies that customize cards however you please. All you need to provide is the picture you want to display, and they will take over the rest. They have the necessary technology and the result is impeccable.

If you want to promote your business, you can use customized Nets Flashpay cards, and manage to impress your employees and your clients. You can print the business logo or the motto on the card, and rest assured that soon enough, more and more potential clients will be asking about your business. The personalized card can be used as a prize or provide partners free transportation when they arrive in the city. They will be very grateful that they can move around easily and more eager to do business with you.

The customized Nets Flashpay card can be provided as a gift for loyalty or you can offer it to your employees to value their work. At least they don’t have to pay for public transport anymore and when the funds are over on the card, they can top up the amount easily using the application. You provide the card and they will handle the rest of the spending. When you customize cards and give them away, it shows how much you care about the business and the people that receive them, because you put an effort into the process.

Why Choose the Ezlink Card

Ezlink card offers great features as well, and it is available in many locations. The cost depends on where you buy it from, but for the price you pay you obtain a stored value and the rest is the card’s cost. The cost is fixed when you purchase it from the bus interchanges, MRT stations or ticket offices. Other locations from where you can buy it include 7-Eleven, vending machines, e-commerce platforms, bookstores, and retail outlets island wide. In this case as well, the card can be personalized however you please, but you don’t purchase it in different designs, you need to find a company that customizes it based on your preferences.

The main reason to buy Ezlink card  is to make contactless payments. The card has a pre-apaid amount on it, you can use it for public transportation, for parking fares, grocery shopping, and more. once you consume the amount, you can check the balance and top up using the application. It is the best way to manage the card, and it gives you a transaction history of all payments made.

Did you know that you can earn rewards points every time you use the Ezlink Flashpay card? You can link the card on the application and earn points, and once you have enough, you can redeem them and get rewards. They keep changing, so you will certainly find something in your array of interest.

Customization is also possible for Ezlink card, but again, you have to do it separately, because the card is not available with this feature when you purchase it. The key is to find a specialized company that offers such services, and you can personalize as many cards as you like and need. You need to pay extra for the service, but the best part is that you can negotiate the price if you need a larger quantity of cards, and obtain a better value.

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