PR Agency ICCPL looks forward to close FY 17-18 with over 47 pct growth

Integrated Centre for Consultancy Pvt. Ltd (ICCPL), a Top Pr Agency in India with a significant presence across India, expects to close FY 17-18 with a growth rate of over 47 percent. ICCPL is one of the most sought-after public relations and digital communication firms in the real estate, retail, education, and health sectors, having been launched in 2011 by Dushyant Sinha, a young management graduate.

In 2015, the firm ventured into digital marketing well ahead of its time. In the present market depression, marketing strategies are becoming increasingly reliant on online tools and digital marketing, and as a result, the agency’s digital wing, Digicomm, had a significant increase in FY 17-18, outperforming industry standards.

In FY 17-18, ICCPL’s PR wing succeeded admirably, with an increase in the number of clients. The firm presently boasts the largest portfolio of real estate clients in northern India, as well as a sizable portfolio of clients in the education, retail, and health care sectors.

“With marketing expenditures dwindling, businesses are increasingly turning to public relations and digital marketing to improve brand awareness and reach a larger target audience. The response is improving, and having a positive perception has now become critical for organisations’ long-term success. “The correct blend of PR and digital is the preferred choice, and its generating fantastic results,” stated Dushyant Sinha, ICCPL’s Founder.

To optimize reach and secure capabilities of sustainable advantage, ICCPL joined hands with Nvigor Solutions in September 2018.


Considered among the Top PR Agencies in India, ICCPL is one of the very few aggressive PR Agencies that have a truly nationwide reach! As one of the top PR Agencies, we have on-the-ground access to media in 50+ key cities and towns across India. ICCPL is an agile Public Relations agency that is proactive, creative and aggressive.


ICCPL is the Top Content Marketing Company in NCR. The company has reinforced its position amongst the Best Content Marketing Companies in India with its extremely powerful and quality content writing services. ICCPL leads the pack of content writing companies in NCR and has engaged the most experienced and creative content writers.


Investor Relations is an art. It requires a rare and broad set of skills, know-how, networks and in today’s increasingly regulated environment an in-depth knowledge and good command of local and international regulations. Our team provides a unique opportunity to have immediate access to the necessary tools, skills and networks you need.


Considered among the Top Crisis Management Companies in India, ICCPL is one of the very few aggressive Crisis Management Companies in India that have a truly nationwide reach! The company has on-ground access to media in 50+ key cities and towns across India.


ICCPL is considered to be the Top Event Management Company in NCR and the fastest emerging company in India due to its flawless execution of corporate events of all sizes and scopes and the undeterred dedication to delivering a quality experience to all our patrons! ICCPL constantly strives for achieving excellence.


The Employee Relations Services focuses on promoting good management practices and workplace behaviours, positive working environment and relationships, and complying with Human Resources Policies and Procedures. The Employee Relations Services at ICCPL is designed to assist individuals and departments on how to work through problems.


“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. The company stands tall on 4-pillars of strength- Experience, Skill, Knowledge and Professionalism. I hope and believe that in years to come ICCPL will not only be India’s one of the biggest Communication Management Company but would also be a Brand to reckon with, in its sector. ” For more info, you may visit: ICCPLPR-Agency-in-india.jpg

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