Planning To Get House Extensions In Ballarat? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About House Extensions!

Getting house extensions in Ballarat is not an easy decision to make. Get help from Dracon Construction- premier home builders in Ballarat!

House extensions are a big decision to make. You can’t just decide in seconds if you want them or not. Weigh in the pros and cons, get a fair idea about the cost and most importantly, find the perfect Australian home builders who will help you with the extensions. 

To make it easy for you guys, we will be discussing everything about house extensions in this article. 

Why should you get house extensions in Ballarat? Are they really worth it?

The prime reason people decide to get house extensions in Ballarat is that they want more space. 

Growing families need extra space for their kids, some people want extra office space, some of us want to add another bedroom in our homes. There are multiple reasons for which people decided to get house extensions. 

If you want to add more value and space to your home, house extensions are probably the best option.

Though getting an extension would solve your house’s space shortfall issues, the entire process can be tiring. But when it comes to Dracon Construction,you can rest assured that you have got yourself the best home builders in Ballarat!

Dracon Construction- home builders in Ballarat

With 18 years of experience in delivering quality construction projects and a long list of satisfied clients, Dracon Construction is one of the best Australian home builders.

Not only will we help you build your house extension, but also in designing the extension.

Our trained and highly experienced team will help you in the best ways possible. We guarantee benchmark quality workmanship at reasonable prices. 

Efficient and affordable house extensions in Ballarat

We at Dracon Construction help you add a new element of charm, class, comfort and style to your house via creative and affordable house extensions. 

We understand the emotions and sentiments of our clients and help them choose the perfect house extension that would solve their problems of space and style. 

House Extensions in Ballarat at all levels

We offer house extensions on all levels- above your house (2nd storey), ground floor and below your home (basement).

All you need to do is approach Dracon Construction. The process of getting luxurious house extensions in Ballarat is simple. Once you reach out to us, we will discuss your needs and wants and present you with the quotes accordingly. We consider all the factors, from the structure of your home to the type of land.

You need not worry about the high prices as our services are affordable. We will fix up an amount once you finalise your extension design.

Once everything is finalised, we waste no time and start designing and building the perfect house extension for your home.

We will help you pick the right house extension for your home. 

Instead of struggling with builders in Ballarat, reach out to us today and get your free quote.

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