Most Unique Words That End With A Vowel : Let’s Find Out

According to the Oxford dictionary, there are more than 273,000 English words. Among them, we generally use 47,156 in our daily communication with people. On the other hand, out of 26 English letters, there are five letters that are considered vowels, and the rest are consonants. 

Therefore there are many unique words that end with vowels and many words that begin with vowels. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the unique words that end with a vowel.

Most Unique Words That End With A Vowel: Let’s Find Out

Below we have discussed the unique words that end with a vowel.

The Unique Words That End With An “A” Vowel

Unfortunately, you can’t find any English words that end with the vowel “A.” In this case, if any word ends, then those words are not English words. But those are Italian or Arabic words. 

There are many Arabic and Italian words that end with “A,” such as “Lamia,” “Arabia,” “Albania,” and so on. On the other hand, there are some Italian words that end with the vowel” A,” such as “Pizza,” “Maria,” “Mania,” and so on. 

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The Unique Words That End With The Vowel “E.”

Out of the 273,000 words, there are 9,242 words that end with the vowel” E.” The list starts with the highest number of letters oriented words and then ends with the lowest number of words. Those words are “Accurate,” “frizzle,” “drizzle,” “squeeze,” “educate,” “grizzle,” and so many others. Therefore if you are planning to play a word game, then definitely go through these words.

The Unique Words End With The Vowel “I.”

There are no absolutely certain words that end with the vowel “I.” But there are so many abbreviated versions of the long words which end with the vowel “I.” We often call university “Uni” or some words that we generally use, like “hi-fi” or “wifi.” Or else when we first interact with a person, we greet them by saying “hi.”

The Unique Words That End With The Vowel “O.”

It is very difficult to find such words that end with the vowel “O.” This means it is hard to find certain words that are used. 

But there are several common words that end with the vowel “O,” such as “who,” “ego,” “duo,” “pro(an abbreviated version of professional),” “zoo,” or “bio(again abbreviated version of Biography), and so on. Therefore if you want to increase your vocabulary knowledge, then you can play puzzles,  crosswords, or word quizzes. 

The Unique Words That End With The Vowel “U.”

You can find more words from food that end with the vowel “U.” The words are “Menu” and “tofu.” On the other hand, there are such words that end with “U” vowels are “iglu,” “beau,” and so on. 

The Differences Between Vowels And Consonants

Below we have discussed the differences between vowels and consonants.

1) There are five vowels, such as “A,” “E,” “I,” “O,” and “U” in the English language. But in recent times, “Y” is also considered a vowel. On the other hand, apart from the five vowels, the rest are consonants in the English language.

2) The vowels are mainly speech sounds. In this case, these vowel letters occur directly from the mouth sounds. While you are pronouncing vowels, you just have to open your mouth, and the tongue in the middle will help you to utter vowels.

Meanwhile, consonants are also speech sounds. The consonants totally stop the flow of the air exhaled from the mouth. Not only that, but partially they can stop the air that is exposed from the inner side of the mouth. 

3) Vowels are generally placed after the word “an” instead of “the,” “a,” or “they” and etc. on the other hand, consonants have no certain rules. This means consonants can be placed after “the” or “they” and so on.

How To Improve Your Writing And Vocabulary Skills

Below we have mentioned some tips and tricks to enhance your vocabulary skills.

1) Learn The Root Words

If you want to build a strong vocabulary, then you need to understand the roots of a word. There are many suffixes and prefixes which help you to understand the actual meaning of the particular word. 

2)Learn According To  Word Associations

While you are learning and enhancing your vocabulary, you have to remember certain sequences and associations of the word. For example, “gargantuan” means very large. Therefore trying to remember the sequences like small, medium, large and gargantuan.

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3)Give Regular Vocabulary Tests

At the end of the week, when you have some time on your hands, then utilize it by playing word games and vocabulary test games. In this way, you can enhance your vocabulary skills. 

4) Utilize Writing Class

You can take a writing course, or you can enroll at any local educational institute. By taking classes and courses, you may be able to increase your vocabulary skills.

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We have mentioned some of the important factors about vowels and how to improve vocabulary skills above in this article. Apart from that, there are some five-letter words with no vowels, such as crypt, Cryst, psych, and so on.

We hope you found this article helpful. In case you have queries, please comment down below. Let’s find Out about five letter words with no vowels


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