Major Reasons to hire Indian software developers for IT outsourcing

Major Reasons to hire Indian software developers for IT outsourcing

 India is growing and cropping a demand for global software outsourcing. Increased demand for frame and pall services contributed to a huge share of the profit of USD 191 Billion in 2020. We’re honored as the leading providers of software development results including Fintech, SaaS, and network security to the world. 


 Over the last 5 spaces, India’s tech indMajor Reasons to hire Indian software developers for IT outsourcing.jpgustriousness has grown considerably at the rate of7.5 and is awaited to grow at a meaningful faster rate in the coming spaces. It’s prognosticated that India’s IT industriousness-generated profit will surpass USD 300 Billion by 2025. 

India’s growing pool of Masterminds, Software Developers, and IT Professionals are honored widely for their creativity, problem- working proficiency, solid experience in colorful old and new technologies, high English proficiency footings, and most importantly, cost-effective services. 

 Burgs like Bangalore, Pune, Noida, Delhi-NCR, and the new developing Hyderabad have get bases for tech colossi like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc. India has arose as one of the first countries in the race of technologies and outsourcing designers and architects to the world. 

 India is the largest provider of IT Outsourcing in the world 

 Among all the widely digital nations, India is the leading country feeding 24 × 7 outsourcing services, and the closing technology and technical IT and software answers. Indian outsourcing serves Banking, Finance, Insurance, telecommunications, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc. 

India went from being an outsourcing service provider to an inventor of innovative software results rested on advanced technologies. Our services and gifts are honored all over the world. Apart from being a huge name in Asia itself, some of the major countries and regions working with our outsourcing results are the UK, USA, and Europe. 

 Among the top 10 countries to outsource software development, India stands first. 

 Core Technologies used by Indian Developers 

 India has a bent pool filled with adept software contrivers in beaucoup applicable and core technologies alike as Python, JavaScript, C/ C, and PHP. 

 According to the PYPL Index ( Hotness of Programming Languages Index), these are the top languages used by Indian Developers. 

 Python is one of India’s most popular and universally used languages with a share of 31.35. Meanwhile, Java is making a shift which holds22.16. Other languages correspondent as JavaScript, C/ C,C#, and PHP hold9.87,8.12,6.67, and6.4 separately. Other languages corresponding to R, TypeScript, Kotlin, etc among others hold the remaining15.43. 

 India stands in the top 5 when it comes to formulators using the most popular languages. Our formulators aren’t only educated in these languages, but also use them because of the favor and the novelty of these in- trend languages. 

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Mobile development trends in India (iOS, Android,Cross-Platform) 

. Designers in India are consummate in all kinds of software development with a dissimilar range of experience in all cadres, languages, and technologies, specifically,cross-platform development. 

 Presently, native development is there in the assiduousness with Android and iOS ruling the call. But,cross-platform development is taking the lead sluggishly. With React Native and Flutter, additional and additional development designs are getting diverted towards across-platform approach. 

 Some of the major apps like Facebook, Instagram, Coinbase, Discord, Pinterest, Myntra, Shopify, Flipkart, Walmart, Salesforce, etc were made of React Native. 

 Yea on Flutter, major apps resemblant as Google Assistant, Google Notifications, Alibaba, Hamilton, Reflectly, Watermaniac,etc. were developed. 

 Indian Software Developers are professed in not just native butcross-platform web and mobile usage development. 

 India is the 2nd most promising source of Global Innovation 

While the USA maintains the top spot yet again, India is right behind with the equal position for being the country with the most promising source of Global Innovation. One of the major contributors to this is the municipality of Bengaluru, our very own Silicon Valley. 

 Bengaluru is now among the top 10 municipalities in the world to be the technology invention nexus. It’s in line with Singapore, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul that were ranked as the top eight municipalities with Bengaluru being 9th. 

 Indian outsourcing services are really cost-effective 

 This is one of the biggest advantages that’s handed by India to the outsourcing sector. The IT spend of companies can be dented by about 20 to 30 by offshoring their custom software development needs to India. 

Bangalore which is considered the most big-ticket IT axis of India is still 140 cheaper than the cost of living in California. Consider, if the most big-ticket burg is still cheaper compared to your big IT axes, what if you were to outsource to other burgs akin as Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Noida,etc. 

 India provides a lot of clarity to its accounts and there are no wise hidden charges for the accounts. All the programmers and contrivers are really well trained and constantly keep on learning to enhance and upskill themselves. 

 India’s average hourly rate of software contrivers is low and cheaper compared to other countries. 

 India’s rates compared with Asian Countries 

 Let us take a look at the software introducers hourly rates in India compared to that of the other Asian countries. 


 India has the slightest hourly average rates of introductions in all of Asia which is$ 18-25 whereas one of the monsters, China has$ 20-25. Yea The Philippines has$ 22-25 which is above the rates of China. 

 India’s rates compared with Eastern Europe 

 Let us take a look at the software innovators hourly rates in India compared to that of the Eastern European countries. 

 Compared to Eastern Europe where the rates start at around$ 25-30 an hour on average, India is the minutest again. Yea Ukraine which is supposed to be a heart for outsourcing in Europe has hourly rates of$ 35-39. 

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 India’s rates compared with Latin America 

 Let us take a look at the software innovators hourly rates in India compared to that of the Latin American countries. 

 Compared to Latin America where the rates start at around$ 35-40 an hour on average, India is the minimum year presently. 

 Neat quality providers in the world 

 Indian formulators are cost-effective, but what they offer is their quality work. India holds the first position in giving custom software development. Having the topmost number of companies that are ISO certified, India is always fastened on good quality services and timely delivery. 

 The development process goes through testing and bug fixes years before the ground plan is delivered to the guest, so the good quality of deliverables is always maintained. 

India doesn’t necessitate time- zone adaptation 

 Indian software innovators are known to be giving services round the timer. This pattern boosts productivity and ensures that there are quality and on- time deliverables. 

 Compared to Europe and the USA, where they’ve it tough to dive time differences due to there being only a untold hours of the time difference, it’s easier for Indian programmers to communicate with and work in a different time zone. 

 Notwithstanding, you’ll be at the advantage of being live 24 × 7, If you have an in- house platoon of inventors and hire a Mobile app development company in Bangalore. Let us say, you have a software development platoon in- house, you get to complete your strategy during your regular work hours. But, if you outsource your work for quicker delivery of your strategies to Indian inventors, you’ll get good quality and timely delivery of your strategy. 

India is the extra-largest English speaking country in the world 

 After the USA, India is the Extra-largest English- speaking country in the world. 

Indian entrepreneurs and Indian IT companies have before borrowed a global mindset where language is no longer a barricade for Indian outsourcing designers. 

The sporty programmers and originators presently are demanded in this line of work. Geographical or artistic challenges are no longer there as there’s a refined surrender rate to the punter’s requisites. 

 Indians stressing a lot about education in the English language is also one of the lesser points presently as that would mean that the future devisers and programmers are also going to be well off. 

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 Indian entrepreneurs work with a global mindset 

 Indian Mobile app development Companies follow a western business model and a western business culture. The programmers are employed and eager to crack problems, bring concoction, and personally get involved in greasing success for the concern. 

There’s no strict adherence to ladder and the devisers have a certain sense of freedom and independence for their work. The adults of the concerns have their branches present in the UK, the USA, and Europe. 

 Information access has brought about a global mindset among the up-and- coming dawn companies and entrepreneurs. There’s also a global flux of capital continuing era after era in the name of FDI. 

 This has been one of the major contributing factors to setting a westernized, globalized culture among the minds of Indian entrepreneurs and devisers. 

 India’s software and IT diligence is growing at a really fast pace 

The software assiduousness in India has seen a 10% growth over the old 5 eras and is anticipated to grow7.5 years more in the ensuing 5 eras. The assiduousness is primarily being led by digital services which hold a 30 gain share. There will be accelerating investments in endowment reskilling and development of areas connoted as SAS Ecosystem, Cybersecurity, Data, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IoT, product engineering,etc. 

 A sum of 17 Indian companies including Infosys, TCS, HDFC, etc have been named in the list of Elegant Regarded Companies by Forbes. IT giant Infosys has been ranked third in this list. Another Indian mobile app development company in the Top 50 in the world was TCS. 

 India has the top number of Engineering Graduates in the world 

 Being the other most populated country in the world, India also has the top number of Engineering graduates in the world. Across different flumes such as Mechanical, Computer Science, Electronics, Civil, and Electrical, there have been over new registries each span and counting. 

Out of all of the fresh graduates from last while, the uppermost number of graduates are in Computer Science Engineering. We’ve a huge staff to offer for all the software and IT- related jobs and result requisites. 

 India also has some of the dégagé Institutions in the world for learning Computer Science and Technology. One of them being the chain of IITs across the country that hand some of the most quality education in engineering. Yea scholars from around the world try to apply and get admission in IITs for studying IT and its kindred programs. 

India is the number 1 destination of employment in the IT sedulousness 

 From the pocket while 2011 to the whole 2020, the sometime entire decade in India has seen tremendous growth in employment shots. 


 The Indian information technology and business process superintendence sedulousness had over 4 million employed staff during FY2020. India is the largest offshoring destination for IT Companies across the globe for this very reason among multitudinous. 

The sector has not only generated 4 million jobs but delivered circuitous employment of 10 million. TCS alone has generated over 4 lakh jobs with Infosys right forward at 2 lakh jobs in the FY 2020. 

 India has also attracted an accretive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) affluence worth$44.91 Billion in just the first half of 2020. 

 Indian programmers are some of the most reputed creative problem solvers 

 India has the advantage of Youth, Endured Doyens, Programmers in tech behemoths across the world, and now the new educational reforms. 

The youth population of India has surpassed over 200 million which is according to the Census conducted in 2011. 34% of the population share is of the youth from the age group of 18-35. 

 Out of these, over scholars are enrolling in Computer Science Engineering programs across the institutes in the country every vintage. These are just scholars who study in their home country. 

 Every vintage, over CS graduates wander to different countries to study post-graduation and join different tech companies as originators and programmers. 

 India has always played a really important role in global technological reforms for decades. Major IT companies of the world are led by Indian- origin leaders. 

New educational reforms in India 

 India approved a new Educational Policy in July 2020 which focuses on delivering quality education with freedom of choice of subjects to the pupils from a really adolescent age. Primary bairns will learn subjects they cherry-pick and the bones that are educated thereafter on in their secondary education. 

 One of the Sunday cases is WhiteHatJr, the online education platform for ciphering for Bairns. Byjus’s acquired WhiteHatJr and is now one of the largest online education platforms for bairns in India. Children learning ciphering from the age of 5 have a huge ambition of increased contriver base for India in the future. 

 India has a different and unique work culture 

India has a disparate immolation of programmers that specialize in technologies like Machine Education, DevOps, IoT, BigData, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, CyberSecurity,etc. 

 This is all thanks to the vast youth population out of which every generation, there are over Computer Knowledge graduates. They’ve a variety of immolations that any type of demands can be fulfilled. 

 40 working hours a week and breaks with paid time off 

 The adulthood of Indian software contrivers spend over 40 to 50 hours a week at work. There are only 14 intimately observed breaks in a generation compared to that of the USA and Europe going over 19 which makes it beneficial for their demands. 

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 Last Words

 Outsourcing is a huge assiduity that’s arising with a lot of amplitude in the moment’s digital world. It’s essential to choose the right development band for your business software needs with new technologies and coinage. 

 Rather than having an in- house band, it’s much more cost-effective for businesses and specifically small businesses or startups to outsource their ground plans to India. 

 Interested in outsourcing your software development needs with India either just get us presently. 


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