JRS is the best supplier of best ms square pipe

JRS industries is licensed MS square pipe dealers of square steel pipes and square tubes. We inventory an in depth range of electric resistance welded rectangular metal pipes / tubes in a size variety of 10mm x 10mm to 300mm x 300mm various thicknesses confirming to Indian and worldwide requirements. Our stages of rectangular metallic pipes are to be had in one of a kind lengths and diameters, and are manufactured from excessive great mechanical and structural grade materials.

JRS industries are one of the maximum relied on providers of rectangular metal pipe and tubes in a wide variety of dimensions and thicknesses. We concentrate on presenting our customers with custom thickness rectangular steel pipes for essential and special applications. additionally normally known as “Ms square Pipes”, rectangular pipes and tubes may be supplied with black paint mill finish or with anti rust oil coating for surface protection of the pipes. square metal pipes both in seamless and welded form are broadly used for structural purposes, architectural work, special piping structures and many other popular cause fabrication works. rectangular metallic pipes may be offered in both mechanical and structural grades, as in step with the requirement of our customers.


Use JRS MS square Pipes For delivered electricity And durability to your structures

we’re the main supplier and exporter of MS square pipe dealers ever for the reason that we are well-known for MS square pipe dealers from 2000. we’ve a long time vision of offering distinctive forms of mild metal tubes which include the ones with hole sections, spherical pipes, seamless pipes and Gi pipes for meeting our client demands. our fee powerful manufacturing methods make sure the transport of best substances with lowest costs. similarly, our honest commercial enterprise regulations make sure that earlier than earning earnings, we satisfy the clients.


What Are MS square Pipes All approximately?

The MS square Pipes basically talk over with rectangular bars which are available in specific styles and sizes. They indeed have a utility within the creation subject, anchor Bolt , cranes gantry, conveyors and gadget production.


In particular used within the creation discipline, the primary position of square pipes is to tolerate terrors. they’re enormously long lasting and are available in exceptional styles and sizes. humans into manufacturing furniture frequently make use of metal square bars to manufacture latches and meta furnishings. they’re also used in manufacturing access methods, casings, partitions and trailers. The tough middle current gadgets also demand the want of MS rectangular metal pipes for more tension.


Uses And advantages Of MS rectangular Pipes

slight metal square pipes are generally demanded for business and domestic commands due to excessive strength and ability to tolerate distinctive temperatures. it is able to even resist unfavourable elements and strain without portraying any defects.


Extremely long lasting

The essential cause why people decide on using moderate metal square pipe is due to their long lasting function. moderate metallic is utilized in industrial paintings. structures requiring everlasting association in particular utilize rectangular bars which can be made up of moderate steel in place of aluminum, copper, bronze, or another metallic. you should purchase the pleasant rectangular bars from JRS pipes and tubes to reduce the price of structures.



Ms square pipes have higher tensile electricity and yield that makes them tolerant for high-temperature and stress. in addition they have some high-quality mechanical properties that ensure their uniformity and proper thickness.


Extensive Power

JRS pipes and tubes avails mild metallic square pipes  in a wide range in order that each viable need of your is finished. The supplied pipes are suitable for specific desires and packages consisting of production of staircases, fencing, entrances and homes



we can customise the rectangular tubing in keeping with your necessities and supply them up on your locations in a trouble-unfastened manner.



moderate metallic pipes are fire resistance and do now not twist, cut back or bend with time. They continue to be in a good shape even after years of use.


Uses of metallic pipes-

Used inside the production brackets and as the base cloth for sun mounts and solar panels.

Used as a helping shape for Towers, buildings and bridges.

Used for production in special production system together with the cranes, Bulldozers and steam rollers.

utilized in courtyards , fencing and entryways.

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JRS businesses is Certified MS Square line Pipe Dealers of square steel lines and square tubes.

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