Jack Herer Seeds: Reasons to Grow the Hybrid Strains

We are allegedly in the midst of a cannabis revolution. More and more people are learning about the advantages that cannabis may offer as more countries legalize it for use as a recreational or medical tool for Jack Herer Seeds.

Having said that, the cannabis we use now is very different from the marijuana our forefathers used. The growth of the hybrid strain has been attributed to many breeding initiatives over time, as well as a global cannabis movement.

Let’s investigate the world of cannabis hybrids to learn more about their advantages, uses, and applications.

What Are Hybrid Cannabis Strains?

You’ve probably discussed your preferred indicas and sativas if you’ve been inside a dispensary or visited a buddy who grows marijuana. While we typically identify indicas with sleep and relaxation and sativas with energizing vitality, both plants are actually far more complicated than their seeming simplicity would suggest.

Pure Indica and pure sativas are no longer widely available in the market. The original landrace strains of the past are almost extinct, having been replaced by hybrids containing ruderalis DNA. The goal of hybrid strains is to combine the effects and sensations of both Indica and Sativa varieties.

Landrace Strains & Cannabis Subspecies

Landrace cannabis is cannabis that has been domesticated and grown by humans. In the past, cannabis was cultivated naturally without any assistance from humans, and a practice now known as open pollination. We now engage with marijuana differently as a result of time and cannabis’s increased popularity, which sparked the hybrid strain revolution that we are all currently enjoying.

Let’s examine the historical development of the cannabis subspecies that comprise the present-day hybrid buds.


Introducing Indicas

These small, stubby bodies are frequently linked with indicas since they rely heavily on resin production in their thick, loaded buds. Today’s market is filled with famous indicas, with kush strains swiftly becoming well-known in the cannabis sector.

The word “indica” is a description of the region where the plant was first cultivated. The modern indicas that we know and love came from regions like Northern Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan when they were first developed in the 1970s. Actually, the Hindu Kush mountain range is the native habitat of many famous strains.

Indicas started to spread to new areas, conditions, and greenhouses as their popularity grew around the world. We now get to experience new indicas and hybridized strains as a result of this voyage.

Users frequently choose indicas because they frequently have sedative effects, support for medical uses, and rather robust terpene profiles.

Introducing Sativas

Cannabis of the Sativa subspecies was first cultivated in Central Asia, where it was also employed as a folk remedy and source of textile fiber. Eastern sultans made it popular as a tea infusion for a variety of illnesses. Sativas are renowned for their tree-like structure and a prodigious number of long, spreading branches, making them one of the oldest non-food crops in human history.

Sativas typically have fluffier buds than their indica and hybrid competitors, as seen by strains like Durban Poison. As a result of their abundant production of THC, THCV, terpenes, and other significant cannabinoids, sativas are frequently complicated, even though they are frequently linked to uplifting energy and mental clarity.

Introducing the Ruderalis

Ruderalis cannabis is grown as an addition to sophisticated breeding programs rather than being often used for recreational purposes. Although Ruderalis has low THC levels, it is not photoperiod sensitive. Therefore it will blossom after a set length of time regardless of the quantity of light the plant receives. Due to its distinctive characteristic, breeders use ruderalis plants to produce an autoflowering or feminized variation of their preferred hybrid strain.

Customers may credit a ruderalis in the breeding program for each feminized or autoflower strain they come across on the market.

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