IS SMS Marketing is still alive?

In modern days, people are very much attached to their mobile phones. As the technology improved, smartphones were introduced which are commonly used by every other individual now.

With the digital innovations in mobile phones, there are so many apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and Snapchat for chatting with individuals. But still, up-and-coming consumers between 14 and 18 send an average of 60 text messages a day.

Also, according to research, 95% of all texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt. So, SMS is not dying anytime soon, it still exists.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS is the abbreviation for short message service. SMS marketing is a way of sending short text messages or SMS by any bulk SMS service provider through a bulk SMS gateway. A bulk SMS gateway is basically an interface to send bulk SMS without using mobile phones to multiple recipients.

Companies usually collaborate with any bulk SMS service provider to save time and optimize the process of sending SMS to their clients or customers for their businesses.

Let’s understand what is bulk SMS or messaging?

Bulk SMS is also known as bulk messaging is a method of sending a large number of messages or SMS to people on their mobile phones directly.

You can collaborate with any good bulk SMS service provider to make your process of sending SMS easy with just one click.

Bulk SMS’s are used for sending important messages for promotions, offers, or mobile marketing by business owners.

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How bulk SMS is helpful in your business?

Now, let’s go deeper into learning in what ways a bulk SMS service provider can help your business expand by sending bulk SMS through a bulk SMS gateway.

SMS are basically used for marketing purposes, sending regular updates, maintaining conversation, sending survey links, communication within your company, booking appointments, sending reminders, and receiving payments among many other uses.

We will now discuss these uses briefly to understand more as follows:

Marketing Purposes

Besides using other methods of online marketing or any other physical means of marketing like tv commercials, sending bulk SMS through a bulk SMS gateway is the most efficient way because it does not require any internet connection.

Also, it reaches directly to the customers or clients, in which you send them texts promoting your website, products, or services. You can either send it in bulk or target customers specific to your field.

Besides this, you can also send them offers or discounts with links to purchase your products directly from your website. This will increase your sales tremendously.

Sending regular updates

Suppose someone purchased one of your products and you will need to deliver them while keep informing them about the process of delivery, so, you can send SMS to your customers to keep them updated about their order being processed when it is going to be dispatched, delivered, cancelled or just thank them.

You can also hire a good bulk SMS service provider to set up an automated system for sending such updates with details whenever someone purchases your products directly to their mobile phones through a bulk SMS gateway.

Customer satisfaction is the biggest factor for keeping them around for more.

Sending Survey Links

Oftentimes, it’s unclear if your customers are still interested in your products or services, so, you can send them a survey SMS via bulk SMS gateway by collaborating with a good bulk SMS service provider.

This way you can have clarity on which customers are going to stay and also receive feedback on your products. You can also ask them few questions about your services and to rate your company.

For example, Ikea once tested an SMS survey and they saw an increase in response rates twice as compared to emails.

Communication within your company

Automated SMS can also be used to communicate within your company and keep in touch with your employees.

You can inform your staff members about the schedules, meetings, or even some type of office celebrations through short text messages during their working hours.

Booking appointments

It gets tedious to book appointments on phone calls and costs money as well. You can assist your customers in booking through text messages directly while saving their time and money.

Sending Reminders

Once, a customer sets up an appointment with you, you can send them automated SMS as reminders in the form of text messages just before their meeting so that they don’t miss it.

Also, you can send it to those people who keep forgetting about this and hence, save their as well as your time and effort for fixing another appointment just in case.

Receiving Payments

Sometimes you might experience customer delays in payments or they might face issues paying through expensive and complicated online means.

So, sending them an SMS for making payments through a bulk SMS gateway directly to their mobile phones with the help of a good bulk service provider is a great way to rectify the errors made in payments.


As now we explored some of the ways bulk SMS or messaging usage for growing your business and the list goes on, you can see that SMS marketing is never going down even in these days of advancements in technology.

On the other hand, the need for a bulk SMS service provider is imminent in any field of business. So, hire a good service provider who has a good bulk SMS gateway to help you in reaching your customers or clients in no time directly through their mobile phones.

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