India continues to be the second-largest market for mobile app usage

   India continues to be the second-largest market for mobile app usage


It has been seen that there has been a stunning revolution in the mobile app development segment across India since customers are showing strong interest in using apps for solving their problems. India is listed second across the globe in the ranks of app downloads due to the significant increase in numbers as found by the latest report by an app intelligence platform named App Annie. It is the golden opportunity for business owners to utilize the interest of smartphone users and develop profitable mobile apps.


Rise of the mobile app market in India:

The report was based on both app downloads and also highlighted the highest time spent every day with the advanced mobile apps. There are several categories of apps like Payments, games, entertainment, education, business, healthcare being the main ones. A significant part of this report was the information stating the average time spent by an Indian user on android smartphones was 4.6 hours. A major contribution to this came from the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which led to the realization of true app potential.

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Top categories of popular mobile apps in India:

Digital payments apps:

As the Indian government was already encouraging Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment methods, digital payment apps were on the rise before the pandemic. But due to the rising popularity and need of the hour to follow social distancing measures, digital payment apps became the talk of the town. The reports have stated that the steep rise of online and offline digital payments apps has given the best chance for mobile app developers to build profitable apps for vendors.

Mobile games:

While all types of industries faced hardships during the outbreak of the pandemic, the mobile gaming segment was among the few ones to see rapid growth. As people were confined to four walls of their homes, they chose to download and play mobile games to spend time. Google Play stores and Apple stores have witnessed the highest downloads in this market. Further, reports show that one in every five-game downloads across the globe came from India making Android gaming a popular aspect in the country. It has been able to achieve this unparalleled success due to its exceptional qualities to engage the user community. The designs are simple but the gaming is exciting which makes the users stick to the app. The trend of gaming mobile app development is showing promise to increase more in 2022 with several business owners partnering with creative mobile app development teams to build exciting apps.

Business apps:

Business apps are intended to allow the smooth functioning of remote working operations for several industries. Several apps like Google meet, Zoom, Skype, Google docs, etc saw a huge surge in downloads. As the IT world has seen the benefits of remote working, business mobile app development has the best chance to utilize the rising trends.

Education apps:

With the beginning of global lockdown, schools and colleges were closed for indefinite periods forcing children to be confined to the four walls of their homes. While education apps were present in the market for longer, the majority of people realized their true importance and potential only during the lockdowns. The education segment has different kinds of mobile apps to meet diverse purposes like academics, preparing for competitive exams, music, various professional learning courses, puzzles, and many more. The education segment was one of the highly downloaded app categories as people were forced to use them without any access to the regular classroom setting. There was more than 80% of the increase in downloads of education apps across all regions in the country which now has access to the internet except a few remote places.

Healthcare apps:

In 2021, people were forced to make use of smartphones for their routine and important activities. This was true even with the case of the healthcare segment where patients were dependent on online healthcare apps for primary consultations. An advanced combination of telehealth technology, wearable devices, mobile apps for consultation or medicine has aided in monitoring the chronic ailments that need continuous monitoring of doctors. Such beneficial factors make healthcare mobile app development a profitable segment for business owners. The major benefit of mobile health let’s different types of patients get much-needed monitoring all the time. This lets the doctors decrease the unnecessary visits to the doctor, especially for chronic issues. The constantly evolving technology makes this a rising industry in the market. 

Entertainment apps:

Being confined to homes, people across the country were looking for some kind of entertainment apps. There was a steep rise in entertainment apps downloads as users loved to subscribe to them for longer periods. Top among the entertainment apps were video streaming apps, music apps, social media apps, reading apps, etc. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been associated with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, to set a guideline on broadcast which has the goals of encouraging drastic revolution in the broadcasting industry. There has been a constant rise of content on over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms, consisting of films, series, or news content, which have been bound under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting starting from November 2022.

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Final thoughts:

Even though the mobile app development industry has been upbeat in pushing for the digital revolution in recent years especially with on-demand apps for food delivery, ecommerce etc, the covid-19 pandemic showed the way for its acceptance among the masses for diverse purposes. Hence, it is the best time for business owners who have still not had their product on the mobile app platform. Your primary job is to partner with a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz technologies who has the expertise and talent to develop profitable apps. They have proven their ability in more than a decade-long journey by building several revenue-yielding apps that have increased the brand value of the clients in the competitive market.


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