I did these online professional development courses and it changed my career growth

When I decided to start with online professional development courses as a business management professional 

I have been a business professional for 3 years now and have managed to successfully establish myself in the business realm. But while I was working day and night, I felt I wasn’t growing much in my industry. I do have a background in business and possess the knowledge that’s required to scale. 

But I wasn’t getting the promotion I had been working hard for and thought maybe it is time I look into my skills and get down to reworking them. Or maybe even add a few more diplomas that would not only add to my resume but also teach me the latest trends and principles in the field of business management. 

Deciding to pursue a bsb61015 advanced diploma of leadership and management

When I was doing my research on courses and institutes to do them from, I came to know that the BSB61015 advanced diploma of leadership and management offers the scope of taking up leadership and management positions. The pursuit was exciting and when I went through the curriculum, I was really excited to pursue it. 

Now, since I had decided which course I wanted to pursue, I got in touch with professionals at Vocational Careers Institute. Before that, I went through their website again and came across the scholarship program they were running. The affordability of courses stunned me. Two diplomas in management (which usually is around $17000 was being offered at nearly $13999) through the scholarship program was something that really attracted me. But since I had planned to pursue a BSB61015 advanced diploma of leadership and management, I didn’t want to combine too many advanced diplomas of management at once. That’s why I just enrolled in the BSB61015 advanced diploma of leadership and management course. 

The units of competency for BSB61015 advanced diploma of leadership and management and my views on it

Vocational Careers Institute offers a wide range of online professional development courses, their range of advanced diploma of management is very inclusive and covers everything that will help you scale in your profession. The units of competency in my course are as under 

  • Manage finances
  • Develop and implement a business plan
  • Lead and manage organisational change
  • Provide leadership across the organisation
  • Develop organisational marketing objectives
  • Manage innovation and continuous improvement
  • Manage risk
  • Manage human resources strategic planning
  • Develop and Implement a strategic plan
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Manage the marketing process
  • Manage market research

Out of all these subjects, few are core and you will have to do them while others are elective and you can choose them based on your interest and career interests. 

The teaching was phenomenal. Every aspect of the syllabus was covered in utmost detail. It was really easy to take notes and then revise. Moreover, I didn’t have to quit my job to manage the course. Everything was planned very well and I’m amazed at how easy time management was with the Vocational Careers Institute. The classes were competitive and the instructors made it a point to address our doubts.

It has been months since I completed my advanced diploma courses and I have scaled in my career significantly. Much to how I wanted it to.

If you are looking to accelerate your growth in the business industry, I highly recommend doing an advanced diploma of leadership and management from Vocational Careers Institute.

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