Hyper Casual Game Development is not as hard as you think! Here’re tips to get started

In this era of gaming, the love for Hyper-Casual Games has reached new heights. Hyper-Casual games are one of the hottest topics amongst youngsters. Many large companies like Voodoo and Kwalee saw incredible growth in their game downloads and also in the profit generation. Also, Voodoo has been awarded as the third best performing game developer in the year 2017. The Hyper-Casual games are much in demand after the launching of games like Angry Bird and Subway Surfer. Many of the game development companies have turned their way to developing Hyper-Casual games after seeing the immense love for these games. The hyper-casual game has the potential of generating revenue of around $2 billion to $2.5 billion in a year. 

People around the world are spending more time with these types of games rather than other games. This has also been recorded that the hyper-casual games are more engaging and attractive than MMORTS and RPG games. Hyper-Casual games have a unique monetization process. For the initial period, the downloads were not that high but in the next 2-3 years the data is just double what their developers had expected. 

Here are some points that make a hyper-casual game unique. 

The hyper-casual game relies on just 3 words, Short, Simple, and Satisfying. This type of game does not require more manpower of developers in developing the game. And you also do not need to invest a large amount of money into it but you can expect a huge ROI from these games. 


Simple and Light: 

The hyper-casual mobile games are those which are based on simple gameplay with minimalistic UI designs which are simple but attractive. And as these games do not involve heavy designs so they do not require so much space to download the game, and do not put so much pressure on the RAM while playing. These games are easy to play and pause but its simplicity of the game makes them more engaging and addictive as you need to be at your score next time to get on the top of the leaderboard. 

Huge Audience Poll: 

These types of games are so engaging that even people of old age can play them anytime they want. These types of games are also target-based as you can also develop the game while targeting any particular age group. But still, their ease and easy mechanics in the game can attract a large number of gamers and can help in generating revenue apart from your dreams.

Apart from these two, there are many advantages or we could say the uniqueness of the hyper-casual games. If you are a fresher in game development and haven’t done that hardcore coding before then the development of the hyper-casual game is the best choice to start your career in it. 

In this article we have brought you some tips for developing your first game in the hyper-casual game genre: 

Game Design: 

As we have mentioned above that this type of game involves easy and simple designs and this game involves very easy and simple visual effects. So you should plan your game design according to that which is easy yet very attractive from a user perspective. 

The easy designs will make users focus better, and for any game, the player’s focus is the most appealing factor in making your game popular and loving. 

Limite Mechanics: 

Along with the designs, the hyper-casual games have limited mechanics. Almost all the hyper-casual games are emphasized on single mechanics. Some of the games have two but it’s very rare to see more than two mechanics in the gameplay for hyper-casual games. So before we get started on the development first decide on which mechanic you need to develop your game. 

The different types of game mechanics include: Rising falling mechanics, Tap-timing mechanics, Merging mechanics, stacking, growing, and turning mechanics. 

The famous games like Angry Bird and The Howitzer are made on the gameplay of Tap and target game mechanics.


Game Engine:

Most of the game has been designed on the game engine Unity and Unreal both are fine for their game but for this type of gameplay, unity is more than enough and easy to learn. Apart from that Unreal requires more processing power than the Unity game engine. Unity is the best source of knowledge while developing your game for the first time. That has plenty of tutorials involved in this and also offers simple and easy designing and coding techniques. 

Unity and Unreal both would be better for the development that depends on your skills and your coding language. 


Though these games are very simple, still the functionality should be perfect. As that is the main thing that will engage your audience and make them play the game again and again. The balance in the difficulty and ease of use is very important while testing the game. The tester should test their game on different levels with different speed and also with the different superpowers so that would help them to understand the difficulty and the gameplay of the game from a user point of view. Also, check the retention rate of your game that should be above 30%. 


Now, this is something that is the most important factor in generating revenue for your game. You can generate money by adding ads to the game. There are different ad formats available which include: Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, and Rewarded Video Ads. But while adding the ads in the game make sure your game does not contain a lot of ads in it as that would make the user lose his interest in the game. All the 3 types of ads should be added at the right time and in the right quantity.
So these are the tips that you can check while developing your dream Hyper-Casual Game. Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above then you are all sent to launch your game. But still, the destination has not come yet. There are many other platforms and tools available online which you can use to polish your game in a better way. Also to make your game more popular you can use marketing strategies for pre and post-launch of the game. If you are also looking for a free consultation on game development you can contact Techy Mau game Studios which is also one of the best game service providers in Central India.

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