How Your Wood Bridal Flowers Will Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Flowers are a staple at every wedding celebration. Doing so may add a touch of sophistication and originality to the occasion. However, traditional flowers may be expensive, especially for something that fades over the day and is often thrown away after the wedding.

That is why it should not be shocking that other options are gaining popularity. Making your wedding bouquet out of wood bridal flowers is one of the hottest new trends since it allows you to utilize your preferred blooms regardless of the season.

Also, you will have considerably more to carry around all day if the bouquet is made from wooden flowers with stems. But do not worry; they are seldom firm in their convictions. They are soft, pleasant, and versatile as substitutes for real flowers. Suppose you are still trying to persuade yourself that a bouquet of wooden flowers is the way to go for your fantasy wedding. Read on to learn why that is a bad idea. Get more imaginative with the bridal bouquet to make an impression.

What Are Wood Bridal Flowers?

The plant Aeschynomene aspera (sounds pretty cool, right?) is used to create sola (or “shola”) wood bridal flowers. It is no surprise that they go by the moniker “sola.”  You may find this plant naturally occurring in wetlands. In addition to being one of the lightest timbers around, its rapid growth rate makes it a sustainable material. It is much like the sensation you get when touching balsa wood.

A bark coating on the outside protects the cork-like ‘cream’ within the plant. Thin sheets are formed from the flower’s core when the bark is peeled away. Flowers made of sola wood are crafted by cutting these sheets by hand. The bark is sometimes left on before sheets are made for a one-of-a-kind two-tone look. Bark or skin blossoms are the common names for these unique growths.

What Do You Need to Know to Select the Perfect Wooden Flowers with Stems

All wooden flowers with stems are crafted by hand, although the quality may vary significantly. When searching for premium wood flowers, ensure they are crafted from uncut sheets with no visible imperfections. Flowers with obvious faults are cheaper to make (because of the incentive to use every inch of the thin sheet, which is otherwise time-consuming to create) but are ultimately less appealing to consumers.

Over 140 different flower varieties are available in sola wood, so you can use them to construct an arrangement nearly identical to one made from fresh flowers. First, read a professional guide on picking the correct quantity of wood bridal flowers for your wedding bouquet, and then proceed to gather ideas by taking pictures of arrangements you like and making mental notes on the sizes and textures of the flowers used. Since sola wood flowers can be stained to any color, you only have to choose the flowers closest to matching your reference picture.

Why Flowers Made out of Wood Are a Must for Your Wedding?

When placed, wooden flowers with stems will not droop like freshly cut ones. The beauty of your bouquet will last as long as the day it was made, and you will relieve your memories every time you look at it. When using sola wood flowers, time is not an issue. However, every second counts when cutting flowers because it may increase the pressure on already hectic event days. Unlike other flowers, wood bridal flowers will retain their beauty even after being arranged months in advance. If you are interested, check the additional benefits listed below.

1.     A Variety of Choices, No Matter the Season

Traditional floral arrangements may have difficulty securing peonies for a bride with her heart set on utilizing them in her autumn wedding bouquet. You may get whatever sort of flower you desire when using wood bridal flowers, which is a great perk. Can you choose any flowers for your bridal bouquet now? Yes, of course you can. How about some dahlias for your spring wedding? Sure, go ahead and get creative. You can buy or make sola year-round instead of relying on what is in season.

Coordinating the flowers with the event’s overall color scheme might be challenging when using conventional wedding florals. But you can make your flowers whatever color you choose using wood flowers and professional paint for the wooden bouquet. You can now have your preferred flowers and colors in one go. What a great deal!

2.     Choose to Be Environmentally Friendly

You may rest easy knowing that your wedding flowers are eco-friendly when you choose sola flowers, made from the wooden root of a plant that does not deplete natural resources. Also, wooden flowers with stems you have left from a wedding may be reused for another occasion, helping you reduce the amount of waste you generate.

In addition, real flowers have the fundamental issue of drooping and fading if they are deprived of water for an extended time, especially in the sweltering heat of summer. Wood flowers prevent your arrangement from wilting in the day’s heat and needing continuous watering. It would be best to avoid obsessing about the bridal bouquet on such a hectic day. Therefore, choose sensibly, and you will be well on your way to a wedding day devoid of worry.

3.     Get a Realistic Flower Bouquet

Wooden flowers with stems will help you get a more realistic wedding bouquet. Of course, you can have an arrangement made of fresh flowers, but even though it will look as natural as the one made from wooden flowers, you cannot keep it as a memory because it will wear off. Besides pictures and presents, what other things will remind you specifically of your big day? You may keep your dress, but it will wear off with time. This is why having your bouquet made from wooden flowers is essential. It helps you keep your wedding day fresh in your memory.

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