How we choose black Roman Shades

This is a question I often ask myself, especially since our new home has windows that lend themselves to Roman shades. Why choose black roman shades over other window treatments, and more importantly, how should you choose? Window treatments can really make or break a home.

Do you have room for a back pack?

Is that part of the drapery panel that opens on both sides of your window? If the answer is no, Roman shades would be another great option.

Are your windows too small or hard to access? If so, again, Roman shades come in handy and even sync with remotes for windows that are hard to reach.

Prefer a less feminine window treatment? If your answer is yes, Roman blinds will be perfect for you. Are the windows in a small room or area? Roman shades do not take up as much space as a garage because they are installed inside or over windows.

Do you have pets or children who may pull or rub on the parts? If so, you should definitely consider Roman shades! Dogs can’t get dirty with them and kids can’t pull and pull on them.

The first big decision you’ll have to make is choosing a material and style! I am a big fan of natural materials, like linen, cotton, or woven wood. They look high end and will stand the test of time. Regarding the shade type, you will want to choose how the shade will sit when it is in the “down” position on the window. I’ve created a little diagram below to make it easier to visualize the configuration options available. As a general rule, I prefer smooth, hard or soft folds.

Once you’ve selected a fabric, there may be an option to add details or accents. These woven borders and contrasting piping make a great addition to the black roman blinds!

You will also need to decide if you would prefer to get a liner. There are many options these days… privacy monitors, fire extinguishers, and even fire extinguishers to help with your home’s efficiency. We have black curtains in our bedroom and this was a tough choice! I have to say that we have chosen privacy monitors in the guest rooms and they are very dark. Our guests have never complained. Would you think the white shade below is black? We had a few black roman shades in our previous home and they were a great box free, budget friendly option.

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