How to Utilize Video as Part of Your Content Marketing.

Video has become an integral part of content marketing in the modern world of technology. There was a time when videos were only for entertainment purposes but nowadays videos are very much used in business because of their attention-grabbing qualities for example explainer videos, product demos, or how-to videos.

It helps in building a large audience and stands out in the competition among other similar businesses. According to researches, 87% of internet marketers use video for content marketing to reach their business goals. The importance of video in content marketing should not be taken for granted as most of your competitors will be leveraging in a video production company.

So, videos should be part of your marketing strategy. It has been seen that pages with visuals receive 94% more visits than the ones which don’t have any.

Now, let’s discuss various types of videos and how they are used.


  • Brand storytelling: Videos are often used for telling the story about your brand or business in such a way that it lasts for longer periods on your website or social media platforms in the form of posts. You can share your brand values, brand origin, or brand mission or goal with such a story that relates to the audience portrays a strong way of connecting to your customers.
  • Explainer videos: When a user visits a page or website, they always encounter a video. That video is usually explainer videos that are created for explaining or giving instructions about your business products or services. These videos are brief and very engaging among the target audience.

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Top of funnel

  • Advertising: Running ad campaigns in the form of videos is very commonly used by company owners nowadays, on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn that helps in bringing more traffic to your website and hence, increases your business. It helps boost all your content marketing strategies.
  • Landing pages: You can create customized videos for the landing page of your website. These videos are similar to the explainer videos we previously discussed except these are more focused on the call for action rather than the informational part. It is shown that adding videos on the landing pages will boost your conversion rate up to 80%.
  • SEO: You can create SEO-based videos and post them on famous platforms like YouTube or your site directly. You can make a YouTube channel specifically for your business but it has a disadvantage that the user might get distracted by other YouTube channels. Also, rather than publishing the video on your site, you can work with a third-party for self-hosting. These videos also help in making your ranking higher on search engines.

 Middle of Funnel

  • Educational videos: Besides sharing information about your brand or products you can also educate your audience on topics similar to your products or services. Also, you can add videos on leadership or as a guide for all common products or services in the market related to your business. Educational content videos can be short and very much learning because good visuals create interest. You can post these videos regularly on your blogs, as live videos, or on resource centers.
  • Emails: You can incorporate the short review of the full videos in your emails directing your customers to your page. Communicating with your clients or customers through videos regularly will boost your click-through rates.

 Bottom Funnel

  • About us: Oftentimes, bottom-of-the-funnel activities are considered to be including information related to features of various products, services you provide, or their prices. But customers do not just choose to purchase your products or services depending on your image and knowing the ‘who’ part rather than just the what or how much. So, if you impress them through your video describing who you are, what are your values and believes, then it generates trust and commitment between you and your customers which is the key factor for them to stay loyal to your business.
  • Time-sensitive promotions: The most important aspect of using videos is for promoting your business online or directly to your customers. Customers usually receive an average of 10 promotional emails per day that is a quite lot to go through them all. So, if you want your promotional message to be seen by the customers, you can make short video clips specifically for them to get interested in your business and click through it. The more creative your video will be, the more the open rates and this can be easily done by adding music, sound effects, or good visuals.

Public relations and external communications

  • Quick response to trending topics: If your customers are interested in looking for the topics that are trending related to your business, then sharing videos with catchy tone and words will surpass the print medium for producing and managing the recent trends in the industry.
  • Regular performance updates: Rather than going through charts, numbers, or figures specifically, you can create videos for this to make the process of understanding a lot easier and innovative for the customers.

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