How to Register Your Vehicle in California

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According to California legislation, it is essential to register your vehicles (including cars, trucks, commercial vans, boats, and more) with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Along with registering them the first time, it is also crucial to take care of Vehicle Registration Renewals. The registration process may seem complex and daunting for people who just moved to the state but need to be taken care of explicitly.

In this article, we will highlight the process of registering your vehicle in California, the steps, the reasons why you need experts to do the same, and more. People who have just moved to the city have 20 days to register their vehicle with the DMV of California.

Privately owned vehicles, including cars, bikes, and trucks, need to complete an Application for Title with their signatures, in addition to any related information on the car. On the other hand, commercial vehicles need to complete a Declaration of Gross Vehicle Weight along with a Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Form.

Once you’re through with forms and documentation, you need to complete the PTI Application Certificate and present the proof of insurance to the organization. For people transferring their vehicle title to California or taking care of their Registration Renewals, an out-of-state title is needed.

If necessary, the organization will also ask you for the weight certification of your vehicle. The next step is to submit your smog and emission certificate, especially if the car is older than six years or so.

After completing the entire process, all you need to do is submit a registration fee, and you’re done. On a different scenario, if you have a vehicle purchased from a dealership, which is true for most cases, you don’t need to do all the legal and documentation work on your own. The dealers may help you in completing the necessary paperwork and keep your vehicle official with the DMV. Once you’re through with the process of buying your vehicle, you may receive all the documents and licenses through the mail.

On the contrary, vehicles only have ten days to register their vehicle when purchased from a third-party owner. Post this period; there will be a constant fine imposed on the residents. Registering your vehicle within this period follows the same process as mentioned in this article.

For more info visit site: DMV of California


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