How to properly clean house window

When it comes to keeping things clean, and in good shape, windows are often the first thing to go. Some people find it hard to clean their windows, but the long-term benefits are worth the trouble. Pollution, general dirt, bird poop, and fingerprints are some of the many things that can make a clean home look dirty. The dirt cuts down on how much natural light comes into the room and how well the windows work. It also slowly does damage. There are several ways to keep the windows in your home clean and shiny.

You can either learn how to clean your windows properly or hire cleaning service Soquel. Follow these steps if you want your windows to look clean and work well.

Obtain Appropriate Equipment

When dirt, pollen, dust, debris, and other things build up on windows, they can lose effectiveness. If you have the right tools to clean your windows, they can look as good as new. To get started, you’ll need a window scrubber, some hot water, soap (professional window cleaning soap is recommended). a rag, and a squeegee.


Use a clean window cleaner and a window scrubber to clean the window. Always do an excellent job of cleaning the whole window.


Use a squeegee to dry the window. You can use a few different approaches here. To keep things simple, start at the top and work your way down. Do it in a single, well-planned step. Wipe the squeegee clean between each pass down the window. Once the glass is dry, put the squeegee back where it was at the top, overlapping the dry area slightly. Do this repeatedly until you get to the other side of the window.

In particular, you should pay attention to the edges.

Start at the corners to clean the glass the right way. Any water that gets behind the seals or along the edges of the frames will be collected and pushed out. The blue huck towel is a low-lint drying option that won’t leave behind any lint or fibers when you wipe down counters and other surfaces. If you have the right tools, like window cleaning solution and a huck towel, you can clean the glass without leaving any marks.

How to Keep Window Sash Rollers and Tracks in Good Shape

The window frames should open and close quickly. People have sometimes used a vacuum to clean the tracks. Even professional tools like the Track brush can be helpful. Because the head of the track brush is narrow, it will be able to clean the grooves well. In the end, use a towel to wipe away any dust or dirt that is still there. If you clean the track, the windows will be easier to open and close.

What not to do when you clean windows

  • When it’s not too hot outside, it’s easier to clean windows, so do it first thing in the morning or after dark. In the hot sun, it’s already hard to get a clean shine, and it gets even worse.
  • Use the professional method if you want the job to be done well. The best window cleaners pay attention to what they are doing. Putting more cleaning solutions in the bucket will only work better. If too much washing solution is on the window glass, it will be hard to clean and leave behind sticky streaks. You have the right recipe if you have all the right ingredients.
  • It doesn’t matter how dirty the windows look before you clean them. Instead, try out the solution that professionals made. It would be best if you didn’t use abrasive cleaners or other harsh, power-based cleaners unless you have to. Please do not use any old abrasive pad on your windows unless you know it can be used safely with glass.
  • Be careful when using metal scrapers to remove the trash, like tape and paint. Try Bio-Clean if you need to get rid of stubborn deposits but are worried about the metal blades.
  • Most windows cannot withstand such force, so that high-pressure water can cause leaks, broken seals, or glass. You could hurt yourself with a pressure washer if you aren’t careful.
  • Use only cleaners that are made for cleaning glass. There are a lot of compounds that are made to solve different problems. Make sure you only use things that can be used with glass.
  • Don’t give in to the urge to get angry! If you last cleaned your windows long ago, it will be hard to do so now. You should use water and a squeegee to clean it, and then, if necessary, do it again.

Keeping your windows clean and in good shape can help you in many ways. Keep your windows clean and free of acid-rain debris, filth, dirt, and other corrosive pollutants to keep them from getting broken with Santa Cruz Window Cleaning.

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