How to Merchandise A Retail Store?

The positioning and displaying of merchandise may impact the success of your retail store. Visual merchandising can attract more customers than you expect. Splendid visual merchandising is capable of holding customers in the retail store long enough to make a purchase. But the question is how to optimally use their retail space or display shelves for a splendid visual merchandising experience for the customers?

Here are few visual merchandising solutions that you can consider while embellishing your retail space:

  1. Spark Their Imagination With Product Grouping

Grouped merchandise can bring into play the customer’s imagination. A window of a retail space can align items together by price, use, type, size, or color scheme. For instance, align together a winter jacket, a pair of long boots, a muffler, and a knit cap. Imagine such innovative ideas for your retail stores and give your customers a good show.

This cannot be considered as one of the most innovative latest visual merchandising, but still, it proves to be successful. Product grouping is alluring as it portrays rather than tells by boosting consumers’ imagination. They’ll be tempted to explore the store further for products aligned together in retail display shelves. Therefore, aligning the products together or product grouping works as one of the excellent merchandising solutions. Usually, store owners prefer arranging the products in a ‘group of three’ for maintaining balance and symmetry.

  1. Captivate All Their Senses

Even though visual merchandising greatly emphasizes aesthetics- hence its name- directives can also take advantage of the opportunity to captivate all the senses of the customers. Try to imagine how the customers would feel once they walk into your store. Studies have pointed out that while browsing online products customers’ observation is limited to only one sense, their eyes. However, you can captivate all their senses while they roam around in your retail store. Therefore, this is one of the most effective shop fitting solutions.

  • Sound: Light music in the background can influence the interaction of the customers in a store. Prepare a playlist with softer and slower music to soothe the customers as they roam around the store.
  • View: Employ visual cues (lighting, balance, color) to guide the attention of the customers to particular products and store display shelves.
  • Touch: In-store visits can provide the consumers the ability to touch and feel the textures of the product and the quality of the material. Try to avoid placing items out of arm’s reach and place them somewhere visible and reachable.
  • Aroma: The aroma of your retail store is strongly connected with the memory and connects with consumers on an emotional level. According to some studies, the aroma of the retail store has the greatest impact in enhancing behavior as well as the experience of the consumer. There are some manufacturers in the market that produce scents that assist in putting customers in the right mood.
  • Taste: In case you are selling food or drink products, prepare a sample chart highlighting the seasonal favorites.
  1. Rejuvenate Your Retail Display Shelves And Layouts

Refreshing your displays and layouts is another useful merchandising solution. Exploring the market the customers would come across numerous retail stores that are embellished with upgraded shopfitting equipment, displays, and layouts. Customers would find such stores more appealing and are more likely to shop from them.

While revitalizing your store’s layouts and displays, it doesn’t always have to be new merchandise, shopfitting equipment, or designs. Sometimes, changes can be as subtle as the movement of front displays or signage. Upgrading store displays and layouts frequently can be a prospect of excitement for the shoppers of exploring new things.

  1. Support With Signage

Signage is the most useful of all merchandising solutions as it lets the shoppers know about the sales and promotions. Signage is often helpful in guiding shoppers to different areas of the store.

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