How to Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored

Just like a human, your dog can get bored. And it’s more than a simple nuisance or inconvenience. If a dog gets bored and doesn’t receive the proper stimulation, it can start to act out in undesirable ways. Digging holes in the yard, attempting to escape, destroying your property… the list goes on. Read on as your veterinarian Norwalk, CA offers some recommendations on how to keep Fido from getting bored.

Exercise them.

The number-one way to keep your dog from getting bored is to make sure they get regular exercise. That means going on walks around your neighborhood or at the local park. You should also play with your dog on a regular basis. Try using a favorite toy to really spice things up. Getting Fido moving daily is essential! Ask your vet Norwalk, CA for advice on how long you should be exercising your pet every day.

Of course, regular exercise is also important for keeping your dog trim and avoiding obesity. Check with your vet clinic Norwalk, CA to make sure your dog’s exercise routine is working to keep them at a healthy weight.

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Socialize them.

A well-socialized dog is a healthy and well-adjusted pet. Socialization is also a great way to keep your dog from getting bored. When your dog interacts regularly with humans and other animals, they’ll be ready for whatever they encounter in life. And it provides a lot of mental stimulation to keep that boredom at bay. Ask your pet clinic Norwalk, CA about the best socialization practices for your dog.

Taking Fido to the dog park is one way to expose him to other dogs. But make sure to take a few safety precautions. Have your pet fully vaccinated and on quality pest-control products. Use a leash to control your dog, and supervise them closely the entire time. Consult your vet clinic Norwalk, CA if your dog is in need of pest-control medications or vaccines.

Give them a “job.”

For some dogs, particularly herding or working breeds, having a “job” to do is simply natural. So, give them one. It can be as simple as going on a walk, or you could play a game. Hiding treats around the house for Fido to find is one example. This allows your pooch to direct their excess energy toward a task. Ask your veterinarian Norwalk, CA for more insights.

Try puzzle toys.

Puzzle toys give your dog a task to complete before they get their reward. There are toys that hide treats in small compartments; toys that dogs have to lick through to get a reward… there are plenty of possibilities. This is great for keeping your dog occupied and stimulating the mind. Of course, it staves off boredom as well. Ask your animal hospital Norwalk, CA for a few recommendations.

Consider dog classes.

Dog training classes are another great way to keep your dog from getting bored. Plus, you’ll ramp up Fido’s training regimen at the same time. If your dog could use a refresher course, or if they’re untrained, consider signing up for a dog class. Talk to your veterinarians Norwalk, CA to find out about training options near you.

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