How To Keep Your Cat Interested in Her Cat Scratcher for a Long Time?

Any cat owner will tell you that a cat scratcher is a must have when you decide to get a pet cat. But keeping your cat interested in their cat scratching post can be tricky sometimes. That’s why you should always make sure that you have a few tricks up your sleeves when it comes to making that scratching post interesting again.

Why Does Your Cat Need a Cat Scratcher?

Cats are very active animals. Because they have retained much of their hunter instincts, even after being domesticated, they still need to burn off their energy. If you can’t manage to give them something to do and play with, they will improvise and most likely start scratching up your furniture or your drapes. That’s why a lot of owners get their felines special scratchers in order to keep them occupied and give them something to do.

cat scratcher  is the perfect way a cat can keep busy for a long while. Because they need to sharpen their claws on something this is the best solution in order to keep your house safe form their energy. Also, a scratcher is the best way of creating a special space for them. Cats are very territorial and will identify the scratcher as being their own. This is why many scratchers come with ledges and perches on which the cat can nap if they feel like it.

Also, a cat scratcher can be outfitted with various toys for the cat to chase and play with. That’s because, being a hunter by natures, a cat will need something to do in order to keep its’ senses sharp. Small bells and balls can also be perfect accessories to the scratcher in order to make it more fun for the cat and to give them something to enjoy as long as you are away from home.

Why Does a Cat Get Bored with Its Cat Scratcher?

Although fun at first, a cat scratcher isn’t much more than a stick with some rope around it. Sure, it can come in various shapes and sizes, and even have fun little accessories tied to it. But in the end it is still a very basic toy. And because cats need to be constantly entertained and have something to do, they can get tired of their scratchers really quick. Also, they may find the scratcher boring if they use it repeatedly for a long time.

Any cat owner will tell you that a cat scratcher needs to be fun and entertaining for the cat in order to capture their imagination and keep them occupied. If not, the cat can try and find something else to play with, and you might not like the alternatives they come up with. So in order to keep the scratcher interesting, owners have to come up with new ways of making the cat take an interest to it. Some may try new toys while others may even consider changing the whole thing. In the end, it’s all a matter of letting your cat have fun.

What About New Scratchers?

New scratchers can be fun to play with. But they can be dangerous too. That’s because new scratchers can be made with harmful materials or using small parts that the cat can break off and swallow. The best thing to do when considering buying a new scratcher is to make sure that it is made using safe materials and that everything is secured in place before letting your cat get a hold of it.

How to Make a Cat Scratching Post Interesting Again?

Some may think that the very notion of making a cat scratching post interesting is silly. But cat owners will tell you that they need to do it in order to keep their cats busy and happy. So they come up with a lot of solutions. One of the most common ones is to take away the post all together for a while and then just put it back in another part of the house. This can work, especially with younger cats. Because they are very active they will probably forget that the post is missing really fats, and then see it, once you put it back again, as a whole new post.

Another way that cat owners try and make their cat scratching post interesting again is by adding various accessories to it. This can work, especially if the new accessories are picked out carefully. That mean that they need to be right for the cats’ age and also that they need to be safe for them to play with. You can use rubber mice or birds, fuzzy balls with bells or even things like ropes and strings that make it challenging for them to climb on and scratch. But always make sure that the accessories you use are safe for your friend.

Can a Cat Scratching Post Hurt Your Cat?

The simple answer is yes. A cat scratching post can harm your fuzzy friend. That usually happens when it is made out of cheap materials that can easily break and splinter. The small pieces can be swallowed by the cat or they can even get stuck in their paws. This is very hurtful for them and you have to make sure that they get the right treatment before anything worse happens. Do not attempt to pull out splinters yourself. You might end up hurting your pet even more and it will definitely not like it.

Also a cat scratching post can hurt your cat if it has parts made of artificial materials. Because they are cheap, a lot of companies that make these posts use them. You can probably find ropes made out of plastic, or other materials derived from it, or things like exposed metal rivets or screws. They can cause some serious harm to your pet if not spotted on time.

What Can You Do to Keep Them Safe?

You can always try and buy them scratchers made with natural materials. You may have to do a bit of research in order to find the right ones, but they are out there. Also, don’t be afraid to replace anything on your cats; scratcher, that you might think can be a threat, with a safer substitute.

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