How to Improve Your Valid Tracking Rate on Amazon

Amazon has high expectations of sellers. Amazon wants all brands to provide positive experiences on the marketplace. It has therefore created performance metrics such as the Valid Tracking Rate.

To succeed on Amazon, you need a high seller rating. This rating tells customers that you are able to manage your stock and handle shipments.

To maintain a positive seller rating, it is important to keep a high Valid Tracking Ratio. It’s important to provide great customer service.

What is Valid Tracking Rate?

To track where orders are and when they will be delivered, customers rely on valid tracking number (VTN).

These criteria must be met by proper VTNs:

  • Name of the delivery carrier correctly
  • All seller fulfilled orders use a specific delivery service
  • Tracking ID for Seller Fulfilled Orders Shipped with a Tracking System

After being scanned by a courier, tracking numbers are valid. This is to verify that the parcel is in transit.

The Valid Tracking Ratio (VTR) is then used by sellers to measure VTNs effectiveness.

Go to Seller Central and click on the VTR Review button. Performance Menu Go to Account Health, and then locate the Shipping Performance section. Then, click on View more To see your valid VTR.

Sellers must maintain a valid tracking rate of at least 95 percent. These scenarios could result from a lower VTR:

  • Reduced sales potential for products other than FBA.
  • Loss of eligibility for premium shipping and guaranteed delivery
  • Suspension of seller accounts or product listing

2021 VTR Updates

Amazon recently made changes to the Tracking Number Validation.

Amazon will begin validating tracking information (including carrier name, tracking ID) for merchant-fulfilled parcels and warn customers if they are invalid. This change will not be applicable to items that are excluded from the VTR calculation.

When you confirm a shipment, please provide the following information:

  • Name of Carrier
  • All seller fulfilled orders are eligible for delivery
  • Tracking ID for Seller Fulfilled Orders Shipped with a Tracking Method

Why Valid Tracking Rate Matters?

Successful brands deliver great customer experience. A seller can turn customers into fans by investing in them.

Customer experience refers to the entire customer interaction with your store. The better your customer experience is, the more you invest in it.

Customers abandon their orders when sellers don’t disclose their shipping policies.

VTR allows you to involve consumers in the shipping process.

Customers can track their order status and see the estimated cost and delivery time in real-time by providing accurate tracking information.

How to Improve your Valid Tracking Rate In No Time

Customer experience is only possible with a positive Valid Tracking Rat. You can’t underestimate the value of investing in the journeys of your customers.

The following perks are available when you include Valid Tracking Numbers for all parcels:

  • Reduced Order Defect Rate
  • Guarantee claim protection from A-to Z
  • Improved seller feedback rate
  • Locate lost shipments
  • Convert more customers

These benefits are available to you if you follow these best practices.

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Verify Your Tracking Numbers

Verify that there is no missing tracking information. Verify that the tracking ID you have submitted is correct.

Be aware of special characters that the system doesn’t recognize. This could indicate that the tracking ID has been misspelled.

Invalid tracking IDs will be marked if there were errors in the previous steps. It will not count towards your Valid Tracking Ratio.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum it all:

  • Amazon allows you to purchase shipping labels.
  • To fulfill your orders, select Amazon integrated carriers
  • VTNs should have the correct tracking ID as well as the carrier’s name.
  • Before delivery, confirm the tracking information.

Not only are account metrics such as Valid Tracking Ratio guidelines for Amazon’s good graces, but they also serve to guide you.

The VTR score is a measure of how customer-oriented a brand you are. Amazon will take action if it perceives the situation differently.

Account suspension is the worst-case scenario. If this happens, you should devise a plan and make improvements to your account before you appeal to Amazon.

Demonstrate that your VTR can be improved and you will see success. Positive metrics can improve customer service, conversions, and profits.

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