How to Grow Citradelic Sunset Seeds

The beginning of your cannabis seeds’ existence is germination, which is simple to manage. Young seedlings form from growing seeds at this critical time. Two plates, some paper towels, and water are all required to give the best Citradelic Sunset the best possible start. Today, use the best germination technique and enjoy an excellent crop.

Germination Set-Up

Place two to three layers of moist paper towels on the interior surface of the first plate to prepare it. Your plate should be drained of extra liquid.

The top of the moist paper towel should have cannabis seeds on it. Ensure they are not touching and are equally spaced on each dish; about three.

A few moist paper towel layers should be placed on the seeds, and any extra water should be allowed to drain from the plate. Water retention reduces the likelihood of successful germination.
Place the last plate, representing pearls within a clam, on top of the first plate to finish the setup.


Cannabis seeds need a dark, warm, and humid environment to germinate. The ideal temperature is 21°C (70°F). Every other day, check the paper towels and, if necessary, spritz with water to maintain the environment wet for your seedlings.

A few days later, small roots will start to appear. Congratulations! Your seeds have made it through the embryonic stage. It’s okay if some of your seeds still need to change; germination might take up to 14 days. They could need a little more time.

Place the Seedling

Once a few centimeters long, the roots should be carefully moved to a tiny container filled with your preferred growth media (rockwool, coco-fiber, or soil).

Create a 2 to 5 mm deep hole in the growth medium. Transferring germinated seeds into the hole with the roots facing down requires tweezers or fingers. Next, softly cover the area with a fine layer of your medium. Do not vigorously pat it down. Within 24 to 72 hours of the seeds being planted, the stem and the first minuscule set of leaves, known as the cotyledons or “seed leaves,” should start to appear.

Supply of a Light Source

When seeds sprout, they need to be exposed to sunshine. As too much heat stresses plants and stunts development, make sure this is a progressive process.

Find a sunny location, like a windowsill, where you may start to increase your sun exposure. Increase your daily time in the sun by around an hour.

Use HID lighting (50–80 cm from the bulb) or fluorescent lighting (maintain a regular distance from the bulb) to illuminate an indoor plant.

Use caution in the first week or two since seedlings are still relatively fragile and susceptible to the environment. Don’t handle them too much before they enter the vegetative stage because they won’t need much care.


In conclusion, growing citradelic sunset seeds can be a rewarding experience when you follow the proper germination and seedling care techniques. You can ensure successful germination by setting up a germination station using moist paper towels and maintaining a warm and dark environment. Once the seeds have sprouted and developed small roots, transfer them carefully to a small container with your preferred growth medium.

Providing a light source, whether natural sunlight or artificial lighting, is essential for the seedlings’ growth. Be cautious during the early stages, as the seedlings are delicate and require a gradual increase in light exposure. With proper care, your cannabis plants will soon enter the vegetative stage and thrive.

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