How To Differentiate A Good Grandpa’s Stash Seed From A Bad One

Everyone at this age is looking for the right things; it can be the right person to spend forever with, the right carer, the right house, the right schedule, the right company t hire, and even the right Grandpa’s Stash seed to grow. The search is not getting easier for anyone in the field, not for the ones looking for life partners, not for the ones looking for jobs. Often the experience is what has been the ultimate guide for most people.

Assessing The Physical Traits

GrandpasStashMULTI.jpgWhen looking for bad and good seeds, the first thing you should focus on is the seed’s physical appearance and traits. There are three major aspects that you can look at, and that is color, size, and shape.

Color Of The Seed

A good ad healthy cannabis with have a rich brown color that ranges from light brown to dark brown, and some seeds can have to lie tiger stripes of brown color. The strain and the genetic makeup determine the rate of the brown color. The color of the cannabis seed can also be affected by other environmental factors and storage time. Beware of any green hue on your sed as it is a sign that the seed was not matured enough before harvest.

Size Of The Seed

The size of cannabis seeds can range from small to big size. If you find a small cannabis seed, it does not mean that the seed is unhealthy; some hybrids naturally have small sizes. If the cannabis size is too big, it could be an effect of adding calcium, which is harmless in the germination process.

The Shape Of The Seed.

Cannabis seeds can come in different shapes as well. Most of them are rounded seeds and might have a curved end or point one. Beware of flat seeds, as they could be lacking nutrients.

By Touch

A good and healthy cannabis seed has a hard and firm outer shell. If you touch and press the seed, that cracks, then that seed is unhealthy. Look for any holes and cracks in the seed, as goods will not have any mentions.

Float Test

The floating test is an easy one to do in testing for quality. Add distilled mild hot water into a jar, put a few seeds into it, and let it settle for an hour or more. Distilled water is used as it contains no other elements like chlorine, sodium, or magnesium, which might affect the test.

A good seed under the float test will sink, but a bad one will float on the water’s surface.

Buy From A Reliable Source.

Where you buy used from will determine if you will get good cannabis seeds or get bad ones. There are a lot of shops and seed stores that sell cannabis seeds from online platforms to offline platforms. One thing about online stores is that you will have many options of stores to buy from depending on your budget, but with them, it is challenging to be sure if the sites that you have ordered from are of good quality.

With online stores m, you will have the chance to touch, feel and see, but it is challenging to find stores anywhere you will have o commute, which is hard work and time. The best way to get the right stores is by asking for recommendations are searching for one on search engines. Buy your seeds from a reputable store bank for quality assurance.

Germinate The Seed

Ultimately, the best way to know if these you have purchased are good or bad is to grow them and see the results that will be given in the end. However, the harvest is not only determined by the seed used, but the growth process also determines it. You must fool every step with extra care to see if the seed is good or bad.

You will make mistakes once or twice if you are new to something. Sometimes, it happens, and it is natural. Experienced growers can easily point out the right grandpa’s stash seed from the wrong one. However, just because you are new, you can still find the right one; if you are careful and patient, you will eventually spot the right seeds from the right company.

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