How To Choose The Right Shelve Management System

Warehouse shelving management is one of the basic infrastructural components that helps in facilitating seamless operation and organizing the warehouse optimally. Shelve management systems maximize the utilisation of warehouse space and organize the products conveniently while enabling ease of access for streamlined selection.

But shelve or rack management systems are just one piece of the puzzle. Overall efficiency depends on numerous other factors such as the design and layout of the warehouse, the dimensions of the aisles, demand of the product, active training to ensure safety and proper use of established shop fitting racks, shop systems and much more. This article is a brief guide to warehouse shelves management systems to provide you with various perspectives and strategies to consider while picking the right shelve management system.

  1. Being Proactive is the Key

Utilization of your warehouse facility on maximum capacity will not be achieved in one night, but instead over a period of time. Companies must be farsighted when it comes to utilisation of their warehouse space and shop fitting racks; and must act on it from the initial stage. Because once the utilisation capacity of the warehouse is achieved, it may impact the time taken for processing an order and in some cases, orders cannot be processed at all. In such a scenario customers will not be satisfied and they would search for alternatives. And you will probably end up losing your customers and as a result, profits will decline.

  1. Own your Shelve Management System

Figure out which shelving/racking system will complement your warehouse dimensions as well as your merchandise. Make sure you adjust the shelving/racking systems as close as possible to the framework conditions of the respective companies. For instance, in the logistics sector, many companies have recognized this trend and they are offering customized and modular shelving/racking systems. Choose the technologically upgraded shop fitting racks and shelving systems that are well-suited to your business requirements.

  1. Safety First!

Another significant aspect that you must consider while buying shop fitting equipment and shelving systems is acknowledging that the chosen product is safe for your warehouse as well as your workforce. A wide range of safety measures must be ensured while building/installing the shelving systems.

  1. Accessibility to Forklift

Another point to consider while choosing the right shelve or rack management systems is the capacity to accommodate forklifts. Forklifts are generally used in warehouses for moving bulky cargo. Therefore, this aspect must be taken into consideration while selecting the appropriate racking system. While installing the shop fitting racks or shelving systems also consider the aisle width that is required for forklifts to navigate efficiently.

  1. Flexibility

Your shelving system must be flexible in accommodating a wide array of products. So, search for shelving systems that can easily accommodate a wider range of merchandise. This way your warehouse space will be utilised optimally. Moreover, it will not impact your productivity and your order will be processed in time.

  1. Organized Arrangement

Arranging your shop fitting self in an organized and efficient manner can maximize your space. And for this you’ll need to avoid the following things:

  • Rather than arranging your racks in short bursts, organize them to be as long as possible. This way you will be able to get the most out of your warehouse space.
  • Setting up the rack systems along the walls will free some space. However, doing this will limit the effectiveness of your storage warehouse.

Avoid arranging your shelving systems in ‘L’ shape because it will make it difficult to move around the warehouse and even more tricky in case your forklift requires access to pallets within them.

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