How To Apply For Jobs In China With An Easy Way

It is quite common now to work in China. You are applying for a job to be stationed in China, or either you are sent to China by your company. As China is gradually becoming an economic powerhouse, applying for jobs in China is very common these days. Many Taiwanese and Hong Kongers feel that it is vital to have a good experience in your job in China.

As a technical expert or coordinator, as China is a big consumer of modern technology, it is also very common to be posted for short working trips to China. To familiarize their Chinese counterpart with new technology, many companies are sending their technical staff on short assignments.

Job Hunt

With their desire to work in China, many people are fascinated with this place. You can purchase a ticket, land in China, and start to look as you can apply from your home country as well.

Internet is the best source of jobs. In China jobs, there are many job sites that are specializing. Pick up an English expatriate magazine that you can find in most 4 or 5-star hotels, and there are likely to be job opportunities in there alternatively. Expatriate internet forums are where you can also place your resume through various magazines here.

Entry Visa

It is quite advisable to apply for Business Visa for business or short working trips. For a period of three or six months, depending on the visa applied, a business visa allows for multiple trips of up to 30 days. For the application, an invitation letter from the Chinese office is required here.


The company will likely place you up in a hotel or a service apartment for those who are lucky to be on job assignments. China is likely to be clean and comfortable even if the lower classes having a wide range of hotels. You might be unable to find a hotel that is higher than 3-stars while traveling to the smaller towns.


It is an interesting area here. Working with the Chinese can be a pleasure or a pain as it all depends on the industry, the history, the culture as well as the management.

You may indeed find the working style to be quite familiar with that at home if you are working in an MNC where the Chinese have been exposed to the western management concept.

Business culture

In the industry, company as well as the geographical location of the company, the business culture is dependent on them all. Businesses are seldom discussed unless there has been a fair amount of socializing at the restaurant while in the South as businesses might come before any social interaction in the North.

Language Requirements

Without a bit of understanding of the Chinese language, it is almost impossible to work or do business here. Before or after exploring the jobs in China, it is useful to attend Chinese classes.

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