How to Ace the Guest Look at a Summer Wedding

A decade ago, being a guest at a wedding only meant that you turned up at the wedding to show your love for the bride or bridegroom. It was a sign of your support at an important moment in their life. However, with growing trends, showing up at a wedding is not enough. There is a wedding guest look you must ace, which has to be pertinent to current vogue. Moreover, this wedding guest look changes from season to season. If you have a wedding to attend, you must prepare yourself by reading inspiring fashion blog posts by experts. Below are some tips on how to ace a summer wedding guest look.

1. Floral or Tropical Prints

Nothing says ‘summer’ like floral or tropical prints. You can opt for a dress which has these prints on. These prints are not in vogue throughout the year but are typically used in warm-weather seasons. You can wear them in breathable fabrics, making you feel comfortable throughout the day.

2. Dresses

No other piece of clothing will suit a summer wedding more than a dress. You can go in for a cocktail dress if it is an evening wedding. If it is a church wedding or a formal affair, you should choose a maxi dress or a midi dress. However, you can play with the sleeves, going in for non-traditional ones like bell sleeves, cold-shoulders, etc. Pick light and breezy fabrics to add to the summery effect.

3. Bright Colors

Summer makes many people feel ‘tropical,’ and nothing feels tropical if it is not in a bright color. Bright and popping colors are considered highly fashionable in summer. So, your summer gown or dress will look and feel more summery if you wear it in a bright color.

4. Strappy Footwear

Anything from a sandal to a wedge with straps will be appropriate for a summer wedding. You can also go in for flats or gladiator sandals that add to your dress’s summery feel. Casual footwear that complements your dress will aid you in acing the wedding guest look.

5. Messy Hairdos

A summer wedding guest look is never complete without a messy hairdo. You can either go in for a bun with messy side bangs. However, if you wear a dress with floral or tropical prints, you can go in for a messy half-up-do. It will give a natural and fresh look and increase the summer appeal you aim at. You can also accessorize your hairdo with fresh summer flowers.

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