How The Best Yoga Mats Can Take Your Workout to the Next Level

How many of us have found ourselves wanting to improve our lifestyle and embark on a fitness regime to bring order and routine into our lives, only for these goals to end up being blocked by our financial resources or by the practical circumstances that surround us, such as the free time we have at our disposal?

Unfortunately, it is a reality of our age. The simple desire to make physical progress, improve our lifestyle, and create routines that accompany us is no longer enough. We are prisoners of family responsibilities, of the little time we have available outside of work, of our commute, and of the money we spare to spend.

So, for many of us, exercising at home has become a viable alternative to the daily or weekly trips to the professional gyms we are used to.

But what are the hallmarks of the best home gyms, and why can the best yoga mats present the incentive to take our health more seriously?

The Best Home Gym Features and Why They Should Matter to You

It may seem surprising for a country facing a veritable surge in the number of people who are overweight , but the volume of fitness equipment sold during the coronavirus outbreak in the United States increased by 170%. For many, the best opportunity to take a major step towards their new health and fitness goals was to browse the markets for the best home gyms available to buy. But why home gyms?

The biggest advantage provided by a home gym is the versatility it can offer. Do you want the workout you practice to focus predominantly on your glutes? Or perhaps you are more interested in developing your trapezius muscle.

The best home gyms offer the flexibility you need to train your muscles properly and raise your fitness level according to your needs and schedule.

As an all-in-one piece of equipment, home gyms are a good alternative for people who want to have a large number of exercises at their disposal without needing a large number of separate equipment for each of them.

What Are the Real Advantages of a Home Gym Over a Commercial Gym?

–         Flexibility:

The best home gyms are characterized by their small size in a dense and well-designed package. An apparatus that is bulky and heavy doesn’t always represent the best proof of quality and might not always be the best possible investment for you and your family. The best home gyms manage to combine the flexibility of a portable machine that can be installed in any room of your household with the usefulness that different sets of equipment can present for the continuous development of each muscle group.

–         Price:

Although the best home gyms represent a fairly significant investment, they can be a viable option when you take into consideration the money they can save you long term.  Commercial gym memberships are usually quite expensive, and if the facility is not close to your location, you will also have to add the cost of the commute to the total cost of using the premises.

–         Easiness:

A home gym allows you to progress at a pace you are comfortable with, away from the prying eyes of different people and away from the routine, you would have to maintain if you were to attend a gym.

It’s simply easier to exercise from home and work on what muscle groups you want, when you want, and at what intensity you want, no matter the circumstances.

How the Best Yoga Mats Can Help Improve Your Form

It’s easy to talk about multi-functional machines that work all the muscle groups we want, but all this strength training should be combined with stretching techniques and muscle relaxation exercises to prevent fatigue and injuries.

One of the most recommended and popular ways to complete your workout is by practicing Yoga exercises.

The complexity of these exercises and how you can implement them into your routine may differ for each individual, but if you’re interested in this ancient relaxation technique then it’s safe to say you are wondering what are the features that make the best yoga mats available on the market stand out from the rest.

First of all, we have to talk about the quality of the materials that are used in the composition of the best mats. These can be synthetic such as PVC or TPE as well as natural or organic materials, such as cotton or natural rubber. There is no such thing as a miracle material that is better than the others, each one having specific advantages and disadvantages for each product while also corresponding to the needs of each person.

But as a general idea, the main characteristics that differentiate the premium mats from the rest are the anti-slip abilities and the consistency of the foam from which the mat is made.

Objective Features for Subjective Tastes

The best yoga mats feature non-slip capabilities that should provide you with the confidence you will need when trying out exercises at different levels of intensity and difficulty. The last thing you want is for the mat underneath to slip while you’re in the middle of a difficult exercise. It’s dangerous and can be the difference between a session of relaxation and a nerve-wracking trip to the hospital.

The thickness of the mat is also a consideration when looking for the best yoga mats available on the market. A thinner mat can compensate for a less polished technique by providing increased stability at the expense of comfort, while a thicker mat can provide the comfort needed for more advanced exercises, predominantly for those that focus on the lumbar region and the cervical spine. As with the best home gyms, the best yoga mats vary and are offered in a wide range of materials and layouts. There isn’t a wrong choice when choosing the equipment you need as long as it’s constructed from quality materials by a reputable company and, most importantly, is tailored to your purely subjective needs and requirements.

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