How Much Does it Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?

The digital world existing today feeds on the proliferation of technology that includes the massive capabilities of mobile apps, across platforms. Whether you are a technology service provider or receptor sitting pretty on the consuming meters, you need something universal on your platter. Be it cost-effectiveness or cross-platform & usage compatibility, a React Native mobile app stands tall amongst all. A React Native mobile app is an open-source framework that uses single code to develop cross-platform mobile apps. Thus, if you are a business Start-Up looking to create your unique mobile app that functions on iOS and Android platforms, React Native comes as the foremost choice. But, wouldn’t you want to know how much does it cost to develop a react native mobile app? Let’s discuss!

What is React Native

React Native is the technology framework, an open-source framework used in mobile application/app development. The framework is conducive for developing cross-platform mobile apps using javascript language. Using a single codebase, React Native is used for developing mobile apps for both the mobile platforms, Androids as well as iOS.

Facebook, now Meta, created React Native, and the framework is older than Flutter, another cross-platform open-source  UI mobile framework ( toolkit), developed by Google.

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Popular React Native Apps


  • Less Expedition Time
  • Simple User-Interface/UI
  • Code sharing
  • Cross-Platform
  • Less Resource
  • Global Community Assistance
  • In-Built Elements
  • Reusable Codes
  • Quick Reloading
  • Easy JavaScript Programming Language
  • Easy Execution of Updates

Factors Determining The Cost

The overall cost of developing a React Native mobile app depends upon the complexity of the app-development lifecycle and project concerned. B2B or B2C, the app requirement varies from business to business. Just go to the previous paragraph and see the popular apps mentioned therein. All those apps have had specific requirements leading to specific development costs as well!

1. App-Complexities

i. Implementing Architecture Structure

It depends. Do you want a custom mobile app architecture or a Baas model structure? React Native helps to customize, but the complexity level increases as the demand for customizing your requirement increases

ii. Creating Admin Panel

The complexity level of your app will increase with the increased feature counts that you want to see inside the admin panel of your app. Tracking the entire app activities, updating accordingly including content management, all without any assistance of the development team is something that accounts for the cost part.

iii. Integrating 3rd Party Functionalities

Third-party app integrations are important to make an app user-friendly and convenient to use. Easy log-in, payment functionalities, and as many integrations you want will add to the app complexity in the development cycle.

iv. In-app Purchasing Feature

In-app purchasing feature to yourReact-Native mobile app is an easy to increase your ROI prospect, therefore, businesses usually want this feature. However, it will add to the complexity level of your app, and that will influence the cost part, too.

Cost- Inference

  • Simple App Cost- $10,000+
  • API/Database App Cost – $10,000-$50,000
  • E-commerce App cost – $1000-$30,000+
  • API Integrations Cost – $4000 – $6000 per integration
  • Visual Design – $5000+
  • Icon Branding – $2500-$10,000
  • UX design – $10,000- $25,000
  • Copywriting – $1000-$5000

2. App-Category

It depends again. What category you would-be app would fall in, what type of app you wish to develop, all amount to the complexity level of your React Native App. Just, for instance, you would want to build an m-commerce app. This sort of app will involve more complex features and complicated functionalities than a mere calculator would ask for.

3. Login-Authorization

Your React-Native app might come with an in-built user login authorization feature, which would bring in more complexity levels. But it depends if your app needs this feature, it’s your call and as per the specific requirement of your app.


  • Login with Social Media
  • Login With Email
  • Forgot Password & Login

It takes approximately 30-40 hrs. to create this feature. Then, the approx. cost with back-end support and based on $50/hour, it would entail between $1400-$2000.

4. Regular App Maintenance

Post-launch of your app, you need to maintain it on a regular basis. You may require to update features, do some sort of bug-fixing, may want an update in the design part, and thus on. All these attributes end up adding to the cost factor of building your React Native mobile app.

Cost – Inference

20% to the original app development cost per year

5. Team Strength and Location

It depends again. Would you want to hire a freelancer for the job, or want to collaborate with a dedicated and responsible mobile app development company that can take the accountability of the entire React Native mobile app development process? Your call. And also depends upon the geographic location of the very company. If India, expect less expensive as compared to North America or Europe.

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Benefits Surpass Expenses

“Does cost really bother you?”

As per a recent Gartner survey, between July 2020 and September 2021, the retail brands that focused on mobile app promotion on their homepage triggered  9 times more total app downloads than those brands that did not. The essentialism of mobile app features creates a multitude of opportunities in any business you belong to. And this happens to be the most significant attribute for the cost-settling process while choosing to build a React Native Mobile App for your business.If you are also looking to develop a react native app development company then you can associate with the best mobile app development company in India Brillmindz Technologies.


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