How Is Cannabis Graded for Quality?

Many people are familiar with the typical classification of cannabis like indica, sativa, and hybrid. These can be helpful distinctions. But did you know there’s another way to categorize cannabis? Canadian cultivators established the grading system in the 1990s, and it is often considered the official system worldwide.

From AAAA to A, What Is the Grading System?

Canadian cannabis cultivators established this system to make it easy for users to compare cannabis flower. The scale initially went from A to AAA but now includes AAAA and AAAA+. These additions came because of the discovery of more sophisticated cultivation methods, making higher quality products. When looking at the different cannabis grades, here are a few things you should know.

  • A

If you’re on a budget and don’t care much about the quality, you can get edibles infused with A-grade cannabis. They’re slightly more palatable as edibles than the other forms of A grade. The A grade is the lowest category of weed and is often called dirt weed. It’s usually the remnants of butane-blasted weed and has a brownish hue.

  • AA

The AA grade is popular among regular weed users who’re on a budget. This grade is nicknamed dubs or reggie weed. The colour of these buds appears brownish with less green or orange than better quality varieties. The aroma isn’t as pungent as the premium quality weed and often leaves dark-coloured ash when smoked. You get what you pay for with AA-grade cannabis.

  • AAA

Until a few years ago, AAA was considered the best quality weed. This category is popularly called trips and gives users many qualities available in an AAAA-grade weed. But the buds are less dense but slightly brown. They’re very potent and popularly sold in dispensaries and online retail stores.

  • AAAA

AAAA is the best quality cannabis on the market. The grading ranges from AAAA to AAAA+. They’re popularly called quads and sell for a premium. The buds look fresh, dense, and have plenty of trichomes. The smell is pungent, and the aroma is strong without the musty or mouldy smell you get with low-quality weed. The colour ranges from purple and orange to fresh green. If you plan to buy quads online, visit Stoni Cannabis in Hamilton. We offer free delivery within 90 minutes. If we cannot deliver within the promised time, we will give you two AAAA pre-rolled joints free of charge.

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