How Does Real Estate in Hinchinbrook Communicate to the Buyers?


The only way you can work for a seller or buyer of residential property is through exclusive representation. Why? Because this has proven to be the way we can truly represent the interests of the seller or buyer, it is the way real estate in Hinchinbrook services are dedicated to that transaction, whether it is a sale or purchase, and because this way of working has proven viable in the most severe real estate market that exists today because it’s not just about the agency. It’s about the company’s tools, procedures, and features that help you meet your customers’ goals.


How Much Does the Brand Matter?


The brand means a lot, both to the agent, who is himself a brand and has to know how to build his brand, what the tools are, and what are probably the ethical parts of creating a successful brand; at the company level, it is a combination of factors, different from those that position an agent’s brand. The company’s brand in real estate is an important asset because they try to build a brand that any agent can identify with. But the personal branding part is significant. And the people behind the brands are the ones who make the difference.


If you are unprepared but get to a big company, you have a business card with that brand. Does your performance increase? The brand is essential. The brand means a sum of characteristics; it means know-how; it means experience; it means procedures; it means tools that are all subsumed under the brand idea. That means that when you talk to a potential candidate to join a real estate company in Hinchinbrook with a well-known brand, the candidate must understand precisely the brand’s values; you must know how to explain them to him and realize if he appreciates them.


Because if he doesn’t appreciate the brand’s values, he is a fugitive through your company. Today is, and tomorrow is gone. Unfortunately, there are many companies where people appear and people disappear. People stay when the brand is very well cultivated and explained. And they internalize the brand’s core values. Real estate agencies help clients fulfill their goals, which means dreams and ambitions. He indeed works with a human being, with a natural person. But this individual can only carry out his activity in the best conditions if he sees it as essential in his development.

Who Is the Target Audience You Are Addressing to?

A real estate company sells a man’s most important asset. When you sell such a property, you cannot afford to do what he is doing. And then, there is a collection of factors from which all this planning starts. First of all, before reaching the segmentation of the target audience, you must analyze very well what property you are buying: area, price, transactions in the area, the price at which it is suitable to be sold, the price at which you purchase it, the owner’s expectations. When you align these aspects, you enter the marketing stages.

The first step in this process is to identify buyers. Every house in Hinchinbrook has its buyers. You must use different communication for different buyers. In one way, you communicate with the buyer of a million-euro home, and in another, you communicate with the buyer of a two-room apartment. The expectations are different; the pyramid is other. And then you have to adjust everything that means promotion and communication campaign for a property to your addressees. It is a complex process but simple and regular. You can only apply the same algorithm to some properties.

The criteria naturally come once you’ve identified the property you want to deal with. For example, take an apartment in an old building. Depending on how it looks, the location, on the benefits that you, as a professional, see in this property, you think of your target audience. Who could buy the property? And, very importantly, you create your marketing message starting from this target audience. The marketing message is essential to get the attention of the target buyer. A real estate agency puts all the pieces together before coming up with the best strategy to see someone’s property.

Imagine the Following Scenario

You know you have a client who wants a house for a family with two children. In the marketing text, there must be this statement – ideal house for a family with two children. On the other hand, after you have caught his attention, you must give him all the concrete, correct, detailed information about the said property. And then you put precisely the square meters in the deed, according to the property documents, less than the owner would tell you. So you give all the information you get before. That is a thing real estate agents are very strict about.

Because you prepare until you go on the market, you go on the market slowly with the property, two pictures, and that’s it. You go out into the market after you’ve prepared and done your homework, created your target audience, know what you’re selling, and go into the market with all the facts and the correct information. The marketing process is complex, showing the value of the respective property. If you talk about the placement, about the product, your product is the house; you sell the home.

And then, when you sell the product, you have to define all the details of this product. What about the house placement? How do real estate agents market it? And here, there are a lot of systems of work, a lot of ways to convey to buyers the value that they want to communicate. One of the systems, which seems very important, is the online environment. As you know, the online environment has been trending upward in visibility in recent years. Many buyers look online first and only then come to visit the property.

Real estate agents believe that this is the core business: being able to do online marketing very well. That is why they work with specialized companies, which, after they have communicated the values they want to put on the market, helps them to target those buyers very clearly.

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