How do you land your first job in film production?

Decide what job you want

It might seem obvious, but you need to know what specific job you are applying for in film production, Qatar.

Most people will suggest you start in the film as a Runner. A Runner is the first entry-level job in the movie. You will learn how a film set works within this job role.

It might be a good idea to start in the film by first being a runner on one or two film sets. For most people, this is their first job in a movie. However, you probably won’t be paid and the work will be menial. Alternatively, if you know for sure what department you want to work in, you can work as a trainee/assistant.

Put Your Job Role on Your CV

Handing in a CV with your part-time supermarket job on top of it isn’t going to work. Put all of your film-related experience at the top of your CV.

At the top of your CV, place the job title you are after at the very top. If you are looking for a camera trainee position, your job title is Camera Trainee. Try to include all camera-related experience on this CV, such as student films, the equipment you have worked with, and any workshops you have attended.

Apply to jobs in bulk

Expect to get one job out of every ten jobs you apply for.

This will change when you get more experience. First, apply for jobs daily. Often freelance film jobs will only stay online for a week; you need to apply for jobs before they are taken down from job sites. There are a few places you can find film jobs – online job sites, Facebook groups, and Forums, Careers pages on Production company’s websites, applying to companies directly.

Be willing to travel

If you live in a major city such as Qatar. You can find frequent work staying in your town. If not, you will likely need to travel to find work.

Producers will require you to live close to the production for lower-budget entry-level job roles. This is to save money on accommodation. Sometimes the pay and experience make up for the cost of a hostel. Sometimes you can arrange with other crew members to rent a cheap apartment for the shoot. A film with a budget will be able to provide accommodation.

Sometimes you need to push for a job if travel is the only option. Once I focused on my job role from runner to Script Supervisor, I was always given a hotel room to stay at. The higher up your job role, the less travel is a problem.

Take the risk

To work on a feature film, you will be expected to work 12 hours a day for a month or two straight. So having a part-time job won’t work. Take the risk and go freelance. When that dream entry-level position comes up, prepare to quit, pack a suitcase, and go for it.

Once you have a handful of film credits within one job role (even if these are all low-budget), you can start to work your way up the film set ladder.

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