How do I put a date and time stamp on my photos?

Do you recall all the days and times the photos and videos were taken when you scroll through your phone’s photo album? Not at all! Now you can download the Timesnap: Daytime Stamp Camera App to your phone, and anytime you take a photo or record a video, the date and time stamp will stamp on it, ensuring that you never forgot when you took it. With amazing date-time templates to choose from, it makes your pictures and videos stand out.

It’s never been easier to add a date and time stamp to your images and videos. You can easily add date and time templates to your photos or videos with this Date Time snap app. With a timesnap camera, you can effortlessly add the current date and time to the breathtaking photos and videos you capture.

That not just, but the time snap camera also allows you to timestamp pictures and videos with customized dates and times, while also adding date-time watermark stamps to photos in your smartphone gallery.

You can also change a certain kind of your timestamp so that it blends in with the backdrop color of your image or video while still standing out. To make your font more fashionable and gorgeous in the backdrop, change colors.

What is the need for having a time snap camera?

  • Addresses all DateTime-related concerns.
  • A free camera app that allows everybody to photo/video timestamp all of their memories
  • Use the timestamp camera whenever, or anywhere you want and share your moments.
  • Select different time and date stamp templates from a variety of options based on your mood.

Timesnap camera features:

  • For the date-time stamp text, you can choose from a variety of colors.
  • Adjust the transparency of time or date stamp watermark
  • Watermark your photos, videos with a date and time stamp automatically or manually
  • This time snap camera app allows you to Timestamp gallery photos that are already available on your phone
  • Save both the original and watermarked photos at the same time.
  • With the date and time stamp on your video and pictures, you can add funny and various stickers according to your choice.
  • Moreover, you can also add notes to your Photo/videos

Timesnap is the only app that can catch the times with clean and beautiful stamps when the progress of your project needs highlighting for reference pFg.pngurposes, depending on your mood, add handmade stamps to your photos and videos. Start snapping today with the Timesnap camera app to enjoy such unique features and stickers.

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