How Can You Try An Indian Head Massage By Yourself For Headaches

If you look up an Indian head massage near me, you will come across HealthCure Massage – a name to reckon with

Come down through generations and part of culturally rich heritage is the head massage technique that the Indians are known for. With oils that help in hair growth and pain relief, the Indian head massage has been acclaimed for being one of the best the world over and finding a spa or a massage centre that is able to do it perfectly well is a challenge. 


HealthCure Massage is one such massage centre in Botany that is known for its amazing head massages in Auckland. The therapists here are true professionals who create magic with their fingers and relieve pain. 

Have you ever wondered how the Indian head massage works? 

You can try it for yourself. 

Create a comfortable ambience 

Whether you are trying out a head massage for yourself or giving it to someone else or even Google searching ‘Indian head massage near me’, the first factor you will want to consider is the ambience. Dim lighting with soft music helps the massage have desired effects. You don’t want to be in a noisy setting or one that is in any way disturbing. 

At HealthCure Massage, you will find the setting perfected for the massage. 

A head massage in Auckland starts by massaging the shoulders 

Place your hands on the trapezius muscle located at the base of the neck. Start by massaging this area and applying firm pressure on it. Often headaches are a result of the tightness in the muscle here and when tension is relieved in this portion, the headache subsides. 

The next point of focus is the backbone 

Place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the backbone just below the neck and begin by making small circles. This enables the blood flow to get better in that area and helps oxygen reach the deeper tissues and muscles. 

The shoulders are the next 

The shoulders are rotated next and massaged. This is done by using the fingers to pull up the muscles in the area and then relieve the pressure. As you will experience in a massage at Flatbush, the shoulders are paid attention to in great detail as these experience a lot of strain due to our seating positions etc. 

Rotation of the head 

The base of the head where the neck begins undergoes its fair share of stress in daily life due to posture. By slightly bending the head backwards during the massage, this area is flexed and tension relieved. A scalp massage in Auckland then involves the scalp and head being massaged with oils. 

These not only are effective in warmth reaching the deeper areas but also improve hair growth. 

The technique used here is brisk rubbing of the scalp. This facilitates blood flow. 

What are the benefits of an Indian head massage? 

A scalp massage in Auckland has a multitude of benefits. If you are having a bad Monday or a hectic week at work or even just wish for some relaxation, you can simply look for ‘an Indian head massage near me’ and book an appointment with HealthCure Massage. 

A scalp massage in Auckland will: 

  • Help with migraines and headaches 
  • Promotes hair growth 
  • Is great for rejuvenation and relaxation
  • Helps promote blood flow to the brain 

There is nothing better than a head massage that is given by massage experts or physiotherapists who understand which muscles and tissues can tolerate how much pressure. If the pressure is too much, the muscles tend to get sore. Too little pressure can not have any effect. 

HealthCure Massage is gaining attention for the tact and skill with which massages here are given. You can be next to receive your dose of rejuvenation and be pumped for the week ahead. 

There are all kinds of massages to select from that cater to different needs and body requirements. A head massage in Auckland is often the most popular one for people looking for a relaxing experience. 

Your massage awaits you. Come and avail of it. Book your appointment now!

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