Home Decor That Won’t Cost You A Fortune! Ideas That Will Glam Up Your Home Renovations In Ballarat

When it comes to bedroom renovations in Ballarat, add a personal touch!

Think. When you have a vision for your home in mind, what is it that you want? 

Do you wish to go all out and have decor that costs you a fortune or would you want to let your personal style shine through? 

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The latter? Then this piece is for you. 

Here’s a list of decor ideas that you will thank us for when you’re fashioning your home and going in for home renovations in Ballarat

Bedroom Renovation in Ballarat are incomplete without the hanging flower vases

To add beauty to the bedroom, there is a special touch we recommend. Hanging flower vases are the all new trend in town and it has a thumbs up from us! 

This decor is a simple revolution of the more expensive installations within the bedroom that many often opt for. 

The benefits of the hanging flower vases as decor: 

  • Flowers are the go-to for increasing the beauty quotient of any space 
  • The decor helps the room breathe fresh and the leaves enable the circulation of pure air
  • The decor comes across as a refreshing break from the usual heavy items that are otherwise incorporated


Wooden crate shelves are the new trend during bedroom renovations in Ballarat

Providing a rustic appeal to the modern bedroom is just what you need. A wooden crate shelf that is studied enough for knick-knacks and can be placed at the sides of the bed is just a style you can’t let pass. 

Lovers of vintage, here is your paradise decor. 

Paint chips make for fantastic ideas during kitchen renovations in Ballarat

So here is what you do. Set about collecting paint chips of various colours, pop shades and subtle ones, mind you. Arrange these blocks on a bare kitchen wall and voila! 

This is one of those decor ideas that are simply basic but yet manages to get the wow quotient to an all-time high. 


Instead of using the fridge as your notice board to hang up the important notes, here is something fancy for your kitchen renovations in Ballarat.  

Corks can make for aesthetic decor provided you are familiar with how to use them to your advantage while choosing decor for your home renovations in Ballarat. 

Take a set of used corks and carve circles off. Then go ahead painting them in bright colours. Hang these simple decor up on the wall right near the fridge. For the notes, you can use board pins to fixate reminders. 

Fancy right? 

In fact, kitchen renovations in Ballarat are where you can experiment the most! The most minimalistic ideas end up working out just fine. 

We have an idea for bathroom renovations in Ballarat!

Hexagonal cut mirrors can be the oomph you need in the bathroom! Trust us, it has worked for many homeowners due to the delicate and elegant brilliance they lend. 

Crystal decor works in a wonderful way too. Should you be brainstorming ideas for the bathroom renovations in Ballarat, stop. Fashion meets use in cabinets that are monochromatically embedded with glass. 

The spell works well. 


Choosing a house builder can be a task…

…but we have made it an easy decision. 

Dracon Construction is a team of professionals that provide house renovation services in Ballarat and its surrounds. 

Space where innovation meets trends and they fuse with practicality. A niche where home solutions are crafted with perfection. 

When you choose Dracon Construction, you not only settle for a home renovation but instead for a future with decor that inspires every second. 

The experts have a plan for your home. Are you ready to hear it? 

An amalgamation of trends comes together in decor that you find simple. Home renovations are often confused for being too expensive and out of budget. But when you choose the right home builders, these issues seem to fade away and transform instead into solutions. 

Reach out to the experts today and surprise yourself

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