High-Quality Cat Litter: What to Look For?

Your cat is a valuable family member and a companion you can rely on during challenging times. Kitties are compassionate, highly intelligent creatures that have become a staple of Australian homes in recent years. On many levels, cats are the perfect pet for the needs of a modern family. Felines are independent, affectionate animals who, compared to dogs, require lower maintenance and social training to lead a productive and trouble-free life. But although they are ideal pets for people living in confined spaces, cats are not fully domesticated and, therefore, need specialised accessories to feel comfortable.

Have you just adopted a tiny kitty, and do you want her to get used to your home as quickly as possible? In this case, the first accessory you buy must be high-quality cat litter. Compared to dogs, felines have a natural tendency to bury their waste, from this point of view, being among the cleanest animals found in nature. A cat with access to a private litter box is a companion who will be relaxed and happy to be around you. However, your options when it comes to litter are diverse. Therefore, making the right decision for your bundle of joy is essential.

If you want the best value for money, you might want to focus on natural sand, which can be an ideal option for cats sensitive to textures or scents—Are you interested in a premium option? Then, silica gel litter might be an option to consider. Are you looking for a material with superior absorbency properties? Then you should probably buy clay litter. Other possibilities to consider are wood-based litter or even shredded paper. But why is litter so crucial for your kitty? Let’s find out in the following post.

Why Do Cats Naturally Use a Litter Box?

Cats are some of the most popular domesticated animals in the world, numbering over five million in Australia alone. And the reasons for their popularity are self-evident. Since the dawn of humanity, cats have acted as hunters of vermins like rats and mice, being rewarded for their efforts with affection and food. Over time, the human-cat relationship has blossomed. And today, for many families, they are a bundle of joy without which life would not have the same meaning. But because they domesticated themselves, cats retained many instincts that make them such effective hunters. And one of those instincts is to bury waste.

In the wild, cats are not on top of the food chain. Therefore, over their evolutionary journey, they started burying their droppings so as not to attract the attention of bigger predators. By masking their scent, kitties cover their presence and can, at the same time, more easily practice the stealth hunting techniques for which they are known. In addition, cats are clean animals, preferring their environment to be free of potential waste hazards that could hurt them or their young.

Cats also possess scent glands in their paws, which can transmit valuable information to other nearby felines as they scatter the ground. Your cat’s litter box is not your pet’s natural environment. And yet, with the help of high-quality cat litter, it can get close. By purchasing it, along with other accessories such as scratching posts, your cat may be able to unleash its instincts, become more relaxed, and get closer to your family. A kitty who does not have access to a litter box may exhibit behavioural problems and, over time, develop aggressive tendencies unsuitable for household living.

What Litter Box Should I Get?

Purchasing a litter box can be one of the most important decisions you make as a cat owner. What is ideal for your situation will depend on your budget and your kitty’s preferences. The most popular litter boxes are open, exposing the litter to the air and allowing your cat ample room to move around. Open litter boxes are perfect for kittens who prefer to browse their surroundings while doing their business. Moreover, they are also the most affordable option you can purchase. Yet, they can be messy.

Another popular option is represented by hooded litter boxes. The advantage of these is they can trap the scent the kitty produces within an enclosed and controlled space. However, they are somewhat more challenging to clean. Hooded litter boxes are recommended for shy cats comfortable in confined spaces and older felines with territorial tendencies. Other options to consider are self-cleaning litter boxes. But these, although more expensive, may not be perfect for all cats, as the mechanicals inside are noisy and may startle your kitty.

Does It Matter What Cat Litter I Purchase?

The answer to this question will depend on your cat’s preferences. Kitties have a built-in instinct to use a litter box. At the same time, however, not all cats will feel comfortable using the same type of litter. The most popular option on the market is clay litter, which can be of the clumping or non-clumping variety. Clay litter has excellent liquid absorption properties, making scooping up your cat’s waste easy. However, it must be replenished frequently.

Silica gel litter, on the other hand, has the highest liquid absorption rate of all types of litter, but it is also quite expensive. Plus, the added odours may not be to the liking of your kitty. Natural options such as sand, paper or pine pallets are inexpensive and feature a natural scent that cats generally prefer. However, unfortunately, they still don’t have the same absorbency properties as other options. Choosing high-quality cat litter created by companies with experience in the Australian market is essential. And as a general rule of thumb, it is best to look for low-dust options recommended by local veterinary offices.

Your Fluffball Deserves the Best

Cats are some of the most loving animals on the planet. And their presence might be the missing element in your life. But kittens, like other pets, need exemplary care to develop appropriately, something that will include the purchase of relevant accessories. Do you want your cat to receive only the best care? In this case, you will need to do your homework and choose a cat litter that suits your pet’s preferences.

Some cats prefer unscented, biodegradable litter, while others only do their business on crystal litter scented with ocean fragrance. Ultimately, it’s up to you to discover the best option for your cat and which of her preferences coincide with your budget. What is essential, however, is that you only buy litter from internationally recognised brands that have been dermatologically tested and recommended by your veterinarian. What you choose is up to you, as the product selection of 2023 permits all types of budgets and preferences.

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