Have You Heard Of Natural Treatment For Metabolic Syndrome? We Break This And Other Such Conditions

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Health and well-being are not to be taken for granted. How often have you had to miss out on the pastries being passed around at Sunday brunch because you’re worried about what if your stomach plays up? 

Or have had to tip-toe near the peanut salad wondering if it’s safe to try a spoon or if your skin will blow up into a rash. 

Life shouldn’t be spent in the worry of what can happen when there is so much to be enjoyed. 

Naturopathy aims to provide this holistic well-being approach. 

Within the realm of metabolic conditions, there are several listed ones that you’d do well to understand. We break down these terms for you. 

Complete Microbiome Mapping Test 

At My Vital Health Solutions, we conduct the test. 

A single stool sample is used as an analysis of the microbiome that exists within the patient’s body. 

This assessment of the microbiome: 

  • Helps give an understanding of the balance of the microbial flora. 
  • Helps classify the microbes that are causing disease.
  • Helps the course of therapy that follows. 

The complete microbiome mapping test is effective in conditions wherein the patient is affected by the effects of a population of microbes that has gone haywire. 

Often, the various antibiotics that one takes as a remedy to health conditions, fevers, and other diseases can end up killing the good bacteria too. The complete microbiome mapping test will enable the therapist to observe the populations of bacteria that are being affected in the process and prescribe a course to revive these. 

What does Allergy Treatment in Melbourne involve? 

Several people and their lives are thrown into an off-balance mode when an allergy is in lieu. 

As the naturopaths at Melbourne’s My Vital Health Solutions say, the first step is identification. 

The food that causes one to erupt into an allergy is the first thing to be identified. Only then can a course of therapy be followed. Naturopathy follows tests that help determine which food substance the person is allergic to and this is then followed by allergy treatment at the Melbourne clinic. 

The food sensitivity test done by the naturopaths involves taking a blood sample from the patient and then testing this against a variety of food items in order to determine which acts as the allergen. 

Allergy treatment in Melbourne has helped many lead a better life by way of enabling them to eliminate the food out of their diets while not compromising on the nutritional value. 

Is Saliva Testing for Adrenal Hormones helpful?

The adrenal glands perched on top of the kidneys produce various hormones that assist in vital functions in the body such as metabolism, sex drive etc. These glands are synonymous with the hormones produced in response to stress. 

When constantly in a state of stress, the production of these hormones is at an all-time high. Saliva testing for adrenal hormones involves testing the saliva in order to determine the levels of these hormones in the body. 

This non-invasive method of testing is a great way to determine the adrenal output. 

What is the Natural Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome? 

The hormone insulin is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels. When the hormone does not function optimally or there is insulin resistance, there is an increase in the blood sugar level and this puts the person at risk for developing other conditions. 

The natural treatment for metabolic syndrome includes a healthy diet, a focus on balancing the blood sugars and thus regulating the amounts of insulin. 

The naturopaths at Melbourne’s My Vital Health Solutions believe there is no magic cure or overnight formula when it comes to health. A focused approach on diet, and lifestyle that addresses unhealthy patterns and habits is the key to winning the battle against the disease. 

Should the stresses of these conditions be getting you down, do not panic. Help is at hand. Naturopathy is equipped to deal with these conditions and facilitate better health. 

Get help today!

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