Have been planning for leather cleaning in Melbourne? Here are tips and tricks that are totally a win!

Cleaning Leather Furniture Requires Quick Action and Products That are Meant for Leather Cleaning!

Leather furniture is favourite amongst people who want a luxurious yet comfortable touch to their homes or to their workspaces. Not only that, leather furniture was made with top-notch materials, that when taken excellent care of, can last decades. Something many homeowners or office workspaces don’t realise is that leather cleaning is easy to do and it doesn’t always require hi-fi machines.

This blog lists tips and tricks every leather furniture owner can DIY to keep their favourite piece of furniture in good shape and condition!

Top 4 Hacks for Leather Cleaning South East Melbourne Should Know About in 2021

Vacuum your way!:

Yes, that’s true. Leather furniture can be vacuumed and this process can help you get rid of food crumbs that might be hiding between seams or the space between seats. You can also get rid of any dust that might have been left behind after the cleaning process. Undersides too should be cleaned in case you are removing the cushions as well. These areas hardly ever get cleaned regularly and may accumulate dirt and dust. For recliner chairs, it is advised to clean the crevice where most of the dirt accumulates. 

Dip and Clean:

If you see stains on our leather furniture that’s fresh and hasn’t dried yet, take a clean piece of cloth, dip it lightly in a warm water-soap mixture and then gently rub it on the stain. Be sure to use products that do not carry bleaching reagents or have higher v/v alcohol concentration. Avoid rubbing in the back and forth direction as the fiction can cause wearing, instead gently clean in a circular direction.  

Dring is a crucial step in leather cleaning!:

Leather is more delicate than we realise. Water or product retained on the leather’s surface can damage and weaken the leather. While drying may seem like a time-consuming process, the essence of its cruciality cannot be expressed enough. Moisture can literally ruin your leather furniture. To ensure that your leather furniture is drying well, keep the air in the room circulating. Do not put your leather furniture out in the open as direct sun and heat can cause the leather covering to wither. Instead, use a dry cotton cloth and pat it on places like the space between seats and backrest, armrest, around the cushion covers to make the process of drying easy. 

Conditioner on the leather furniture is a big yes:

Everything needs conditioning, even your leather furniture! So once you are done cleaning stains and spots, use a small portion of the conditioner directly on the leather furniture and wipe in circular movements. Alternatively, you can spray the conditioner directly on the leather furniture. Be sure that the spray nozzle isn’t excessively close to the furniture. 

Or you can always call the leather cleaning southeast Melbourne experts – NY Cleaning

Let’s face it, leather cleaning can be stressful considering the fact that these types of furniture pieces are expensive and immensely luxurious, it is often best to let experts handle the cleaning.

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