Growing the Autoflower Old Growth Og Cannabis Seeds looking for cannabis seeds, you could run into all kinds of strange terminology. You may find information about hermaphrodites, feminized cannabis seeds from old growth og, auto-flowering plants, photoperiod plants, auto-flowering males, and much more. There’s no denying that all of this might appear very perplexing if you’re just getting started with cannabis cultivation.

But do not worry! Although these ideas could be scary, with the right explanation, they become quite clear. While we’d want to cover everything at once, we’ll take each topic separately today, concentrating on feminized seeds.

Choose a growth system that you can understand.

One of the finest methods for growing feminized seeds indoors may be deep water culture, but it needs a lot of practice and practical knowledge of nutrient management and monitoring. Cannabis can be grown more easily and yields large quantities of coco fiber. A soil mix purchased from the neighborhood grows store is the method of choice for many novice cannabis producers. After you’ve grown a few crops, your confidence will increase, you’ll understand the fundamentals, and you’ll feel ready to take on more challenging grow systems. Keep your initial cannabis grows as straightforward as you can, and seek help from the neighborhood grow store. Your neighborhood hydroponics business offers a one-stop shop for supplies and information.

Choosing feminized seeds for indoor growing

Purchasing feminized seeds online has never been simpler. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of types available, the choice of whether to purchase feminized auto flower or feminized photoperiod seeds should come first.

Growing feminized auto flower seeds indoors

With 20 hours of light each day, feminized auto-flower seeds may be grown from seed to harvest in around 75 days. Feminized auto-flower seeds are frequently advised for novice cannabis producers since they are simple to grow, and the finest auto-flower seeds may, under ideal conditions, give enormous yields of several hundred grams per plant. With several customer growth evaluations, the feminized auto flower seed collection is one of the best ones available.

Growing feminized photoperiod seeds indoors

Seeds with a feminized photoperiod are sometimes referred to as feminized seeds. There are two growth periods for them, and the amount of light controls them. Feminized seeds grow vegetatively indoors when exposed to 18+ hours of daily light, developing leaves, roots, and branches but no buds. The blooming phase sometimes referred to as the blooming period, begins when the quantity of light received each day is decreased to 12 hours.

The bloom period takes around 9 weeks of 12/12 light, depending on the cultivar. To maximize your crop, one of the finest strategies for growing feminized seeds indoors is to give lots of light during bloom. A 600W HPS is an excellent option for a 1.2 by 1.2 m tent, while some growers will need more light to increase their yield.

Avoid over-feeding and over-watering

The two biggest faults we notice when growing feminized seeds inside are overfeeding and overwatering (for soil-grown plants). Cannabis roots dislike damp soil and require oxygen to grow. Between waterings, let the soil partially dry out to allow for some root aeration. Nutrient burn, which occurs when plants receive too much food, causes the ends of the leaves to turn crispy and brown, seriously slowing down growth.

An EC meter, which measures electrical conductivity and is a suggested grow room tool to assist you in optimizing your old growth og plants, is used by seasoned growers to check their nutrient concentrations. Young plants are especially vulnerable to damage from overfeeding since they may become permanently stunted and never completely recover. Start your plants with modest nutrient concentrations when growing feminized seeds indoors and gradually increase nutrient concentration, cutting down at the first indication of overfeeding.

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