Get Exceptional Service From The Leading Separation Equipment Specialist In North America

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One can get the benefit from the leading service provider in separation equipment Sentrimax. This company is founded in 2002 by Max Musik and, Tom Maxwell which provides the centrifuge repair service in Edmonton. Max worked as a maintenance manager. He partnered with Tom in 2022

Max worked in Alfa Laval Centrifuge Mansfield. Tom had been active in the centrifuge business since 1987. They both grow the company with their combined knowledge. Max became the operations partner and Tom became the technical and business partner and use their expertise for the upliftment of the company.

 Products made by Sentrimax:

Parts: Sentrimax can make any component that helps to make a centrifuge to OEM specifications. They have fully – equipped repair shops and have an experienced team of welders. With the help of these, they can make centrifuge and separation equipment parts.

Refurbished Centrifuges: They can make different types of centrifuges that can meet OEM specifications. They provide various types of repairs like Centrifuge Gear Box Repair and many more. Sentrimax is the largest on-site parts inventor and they provide new centrifuges for any industrial applications on the basis of customer demand.

Refurbished Centrifuges provided by Sentrimax:

Sentrimax is the manufacturer of different types of centrifuges. There are other companies as well like Centrisys Centrifuge Mansfield. Different types of Centrifuges available are:

  • Sharpless PM-75000 Super-D-Canter Centrifuge: It is made up of 316/317 Stainless steel. It has a maximum bowl speed of 2600 rpm, and has 360- degree solid discharge ports. It has 10-degree single lead conveyer along with STC wear protection tiles
  • Sharpless PM-95000 Super-D- Canter Centrifuge: It is made up of 316/317 stainless steel. It has a maximum speed of 2000 rpm. It has 360-degree solid discharge ports along with STC liners. It has a 95:1 gearbox, base, with fibreglass top. It has motor of 400 hp. It has a 100 hp back drive stand and guards.
  • Sharpless PM -35000 Super-D-Canter Centrifuge: It is made up of 316/317 stainless steel. It has a maximum bowl speed of 3250 rpm with solid discharge ports of 360 degrees along with STC liners. It has 50 hp main drive motor. It has 10 hp back drive stand along with lube system and 95:1 gearbox.
  • Tomoe TDM050

Industries served by Sentrimax:

Sentrimax served many industries in North America like chemical processing, Ethanol, Potash, Stillage, Dewatering Equipment Texas, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper Biofuels, Drilling Industry, Mining Operations, Rendering, Environmental Services, Waste Water Treatment, Oil, and Gas.

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