Get Demographic Insights On Global Import-Export Data & Market With EXiM Trade Data

To derive business intelligence from custom and trade import data, businesses require fast, responsive, and easy-to-understand business strategies to acknowledge the current global environment, grab potential opportunities, and stay ahead of their competitors.

Discovering useful insights from raw data can be challenging as there is so much information available from several different countries.

The Global Import-Export Data provided by EXiM trade data is designed to help businesses analyze the current market environment, demand, and the current flow of the import-export trade market in real-time. You can get instant access to multiple import-export trade data with EXiM trade data.

We at EXiM trade data cover all the major markets from all over the globe including China, South America, Russia, Southeast Asia, and Mexico, along with the details such as Importer & exporter names, Quantity, HS Code, Shipment Date, Products & Goods Description, and some other important & crucial information.

Looking Into Indonesia Export Data

In the year 2019, the total value of Indonesia’s export was estimated at $168 billion, and $180 billion in 2018.

When comparing the total worth of Indonesia trade data of the years 2019 & 2018, there is a decline of 7% in the total export value of Indonesia.

As per the Indonesia export data of the year 2019, mineral oils & fuels, etc (HS Code-27) are the main exports of this country.

According to market research reports, Indonesia’s imports stand at 32nd position among some of the top exporters of the world.

Import-Export trade data that we provide is evident and collected from several fields of Indonesia shipment authorities that bring you useful insights into the global trade market of import-export business.

Indonesia shipment data provided by the EXiM trade data contain all the important and crucial details related to Indonesia import trade data ranging from SHIPMENT VALUE, QTY, DATE, PRODUCT DESCRIPTION, HS CODE, RATE, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, SHIPMENT VALUE, DESTINATION OF PORT, CONSIGNMENT NAME, and some other essential detail that’s necessary for your successful trade business and to survive the market competition

Analyzing Turkey Import and Export Data 2019

With a population of 83.4 million, Turkey is said to be amongst one of the world’s developed countries according to the CIA World Factbook.

According to economists and political scientists, Turkey is also defined as one of the world’s newly industrialized countries.

Based on the Turkey export trade data, Turkey was the world’s 30th largest exporters country during the year 2020.

As per the Turkey trade statistics and Turkey Import And Export Data 2019, Turkey exported goods worth $169.4 billion USD in 2020, a decline of 0.9% compared to the years 2019 & 2020.

Market research reports of Turkey and trade data reveal that the top exports of the country are electronics & home appliances, clothing & textiles, iron & steel, automotive products & motor vehicles, the agriculture sector, industrial sector, and defence.

For completeness and data authenticity, EXiM trade data collect import statistics of Turkey from Turkish customs, Shipping & Logistics companies, Port Authorities, Government bodies, Trade Associations, and other business links. Import-export trade data provided by EXiM trade data assist you to analyze and compare the ongoing market trends with past records in real-time.

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