Gasket creates a strong seal with irregular surfaces

Industrial products are essential for better performance of the machine or equipment. No machine can work smoothly if there is any defect in it. Engineers work hard to design new products that support the machine and increase its productivity.

Sealing devices are also important for preventing leakage from the system. Sometimes, the fluids enclosed in the machine start to escape into the outside environment, resulting in leakage. This issue generally occurs at two places — gaps formed at the joints of two surfaces and near the rotating parts like rotor, agitator, mixer, etc.

It is essential to prevent leakage as it creates a mess at the workplace and also results in the loss of product. Various sealing devices like mechanical seals, packing, gasket, O-rings, etc. are used to prevent leakage. A gasket is the best choice to create a seal between two irregular surfaces.

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Choose the right material for better performance

A gasket is extensively used for industrial and business purposes. It works efficiently on surfaces with high pressure. The gasket allows the surfaces to join or rotate without creating a gap or letting the fluid escape into the environment.

Various materials like silicon, Viton, PTFE, non-asbestos, flexible graphite, etc are used to make a gasket. Each material is unique and performs differently in the given conditions. You must give your best effort in choosing the best quality gasket that can create a seal in the machine.

Other than this, considering the cost of a product, installation process, durability, etc will also make your purchase better. It will help you to avoid repair and replacement costs while maintaining the productivity of the machine.

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The conditions of the joining surfaces like –speed, movement, chemical nature, material, temperature, pressure, etc also have a huge impact on the sealing device. The unsuitable device will not only reduce productivity but will also harm the machine.

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